The Virtus Wars Part 1

After a great civil war, the once dominating nation Sitania was divided into three kingdoms. Morris, Quillum, and Adeline. Though all nations have remained isolated from one another for decades, the country is soon drawn into chaos, when a rift is suddenly opened...

After the disappearance of her advising mentor, Louisiana starts developing an unusual headache, making her see visions and questioning the safety of her kingdom. But can she trust her secret to the faithful Noah? or is she simply going crazy?

Malakai Morian has always been withdrawn from other people, the damages from his mysterious past moving into the light as the king offers a deal. Hoping to one day travel far away from his home, the young mechanic is soon drawn into a dangerous mission, with the only reward being his very life. But is that enough? Or should he even trust the young king in the first place?

When Momentum tenebris is opened óne thing is made clear.
The Virtusstone is the only thing that can save us.


Author's note

Hey there. Well... This is my first ever story. In reality, it's actually my own fantasy novella with over 300 pages on my computer and well... It's something I've been working on for quite a while. I have no idea if its bad, horrible, enjoyable or just overall garbage. But that's what YOU're here for, right? Read a couple of chapters and maybe give me some feedback (which I'd greatly appreciate). Keep in mind that I am from Scandinavia, so if there are some misspellings, you know why, though I am still correcting it.
Thanks, and enjoy;)

2. Louisiana: Violet

Dear reader,

I don’t really know where to begin. Writing this letter will be my last memory, and that’s why whoever is reading this, should step carefully, from what I am about to tell. Things have changed quicker than I could ever imagen. You see, an incredible discovery has found place. I can’t tell you what it is… yet. But know that it is extremely dangerous. Our good king WILL fall, and when that happens, the world will fall with him. My research told me that leaving Clarizons, would be my only option. Not that I was happy to, leaving my home. But you need to understand, that I didn’t have a choice. You see, I managed to save the boy. But I couldn’t save him from what he did. That is why I am writing this letter. In the hope, that truth will be found. Before it will destroy our kingdom, and they will come. He didn’t mean to, that is why he kept it a secret. To make sure that everyone he knows was safe. I just wish that they could save him from himself before it is too late. You see, they don’t know, because he doesn’t want them to know. People just kept getting killed, I couldn’t stand it. I tried to convince him to throw it away, but he kept denying.

My soon to be king, we all know what is coming. So, do you. I trust that you will find it in your heart to forgive yourself, and do the right thing…


I sigh, clutching the letter tight in my hands as my head span a thousand miles per second. The chilly summer wind was like a fresh breeze on my face and waking me up from my endless wonder analyzing the strange words. The sounds of people rushing into the pale looking clinic early in the morning were heard from all around me, as I took in a deep breath. The day was August 15, Friday. In other words, the day my life’s going to a complete hell. I look around the shop, carefully avoiding the different customers as they enter the building and keeping to myself. Today wasn’t about Hadrian, or about Jamia. Today’s about Noah, so I better just suck it up until tonight has passed. What could happen anyway? Just because today just happens to be the day that idiot is going to be a soldier, and abandoning me for his duties… What a day. But even if my worries for his and my future wasn’t bad enough, the unceasing pain in my forehead was a knife at this point. Pull yourself together, Lou. My eyes glitter. I had to blink It out to myself in the corner, where I’d probably look like a total moron right now. Fortunately, there’s barely any people in here, so I shouldn’t worry about drawing any attention either way. Damn. The last thing I need is people crowding me again, telling me what a no-good scumbag I am. But again, I suppose I wouldn’t even have any reason to here in the first place if it wasn’t for their witty comments. Besides, I have more important things to do if I want to make it back before sunset. I fold the letter an extra three times so that It could fit in my pocket, quickly turning away from the lobby and upstairs. The Center had been one of the highlights of Clarizons many medical resources for decades now, and yet, with Hadrian gone, it was like the place never even existed. Managing the different alchemy books and healing elixirs was hard enough during his absence, but given I was the only one with his knowledge, the different doctors and healers were never too fond of my help. And given the massive mess inside of the lair they’ve left behind, I’m assuming it’s due to people’s tendencies of getting hurt. It’s crazy how a city as peaceful as Clarizons had so much mess lying all across the streets. And it’s not just the people anymore. I clench my teeth. The pain in my forehead certainly haven’t gotten away and it is driving me insane for every minute! Like a constant hammer inside of my head banging hard enough to break my skull in half. I’m sweating too. I don’t know why, even if today’s worries have gotten me on edge, a part of me is still exited. The ceremonies were always colorful, to say the least. The celebration of our proud kingdoms peace and prosperity for almost a century now. As I stumble over a half-broken bottle on the floor, I soon regain my senses getting back to my objective. I stored the paint a week ago, so it should be ready in time. I just hope nobody would be so reckless as to move it before the violet had set in. Good grief, and now I got to deal with this maniacal mess again? I sigh. Analyzing the little lairs of books and potion bottles, I start to pick up little pieces at a time and staggering it properly on the shelf with thousands of bottles. It seems my regular tendency to clean up other people’s messes had set in again, even if our resources were infinitive nonetheless. I look up, as the sound of something from behind the shelf moved in my direction, after finishing off the last touches of books, I walk towards it in slow steps. Could be a rat maybe? But there’s never been any animals in here? Maybe a nightwalker? But how in the hell would it survive in here? I hold my bag tight as if the materials from inside it was ready to jump out any second and keep my eye glued to the sounds of someone or something, moving toward me. Now that I listened closer, it almost sounded like groaning…

I let out a small scream, before the immense stack of books fell to the ground, followed by a rough sign of humbleness. “I am so sorry Miss! if you’d please forgive me. I had no idea that there would-Oh… It’s just you” the man snared, sending me a glare of annoyance. But I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. Despite my status, people didn’t take kindly to royals outside of the Claven bloodline. In fact, ever since I was born people have treated me like trash whether it was justified or not. I guess it’s due to the fact that I’m a commoner just like them, swept randomly into royalty for no apparent reason. I mean, who wouldn’t be pissed over that statement? “Faris. I didn’t think you’d still come here. Especially with the guts to mock someone of higher status like that. It’s rude you know. Haven’t people already told you to mind your manners, or is it the leg it’s wrong with again?”

He let out a small laugh by my words and grinned to the point where the old guy looked like a gremlin. “Ha! You have no power over me, princess. Hell, you’re not even a real Claven, meaning the guards have no obligation to defend you. In other words, you’re a nothing just like the rest of us. I can say whatever I want when I want, without you interfering thank you” the little man said, and I felt an uneasiness run down my spine. As much as I hated Faris, the old guy had a point. No matter the consequences, even a royal heir wouldn’t get any special treatment. Though, I really can’t complain about that…“Huh… I suppose that’s true” I mumbled, as I helped him stable the books back to its right places.

“So, what are you doing here, anyway? Still chasing after that old buffoon to Hadrian?”

I twitched. “Excuse me?! Hadrian is a respectable member of the royal family, as well as a brilliant alchemist!”

“Hellish kid. Hadrian was maybe a genius, but a buffoon that’s for sure. Old pal fixed up me leg, and yet that old bastard was nothing more than a mere servant. Can’t blame him for sticking his tail between his legs in the end. This city sure is crazy. “ I looked down, as the man lifted up in his trousers for reference. The sight of the mechanical-made leg that now was placed on Faris’ left, was like looking at an artwork. The bolts and strings all painted in a perfect copper, and joints sat together with metal gears and polish. It was strangely beautiful.

“If that’s all you have to say, then you might as well leave” I mumbled in a slow and defeated voice. He looked at me with a cold face, as the old man covered up his auto-leg shortly.

“Don’t try and boss me around kid, I already told you I’m not interested in your status”

“I never said anything about my status!” I snared back, feeling that familiar pit of anger burst through my stomach. He didn’t even look at me as he walked away in a snort of a voice.

“Whatever kid. See you at the ceremony. Spoiled little midget girl…”

Damn hypocrite. He doesn’t know anything about me and still insists to look at me in shame. I turn around, slowly processing the current event in surprise, but he was already gone. “Wait, what did you call me?”




After picking up the paint from a small bucket in the fifth lair, I hurry through the city with ease. The fresh air in my face, and the smell of roses all around me as people get ready for tonight. I could even smell cake somewhere and was almost tempted to stop up by the scent. The area’s fresh, having shoplifters crowding the people together, and bringing more costumers to the business. Looking up the airships were hovering in the sky, casting confetti over the city as they maneuvered safely over Clarizons in their bright blue balloons. It’s a luck that the guards didn’t take me on a personal patrol, but I’m guessing today is the majority’s off, given the rare occasion so I couldn’t blame them. Though I never really understood why so many people would engage themselves with all of this after the peacefulness of the third kingdom’s triumph. Hadrian made sure of that, so that makes it even harder for me to settle down and relax. It’s like a bucket list inside of my head, and if I don’t fill it out I’m going to burst my skull. It’s either that or the intensities of my serious and usually overdramatic figure.

The Palace was the crown of Clarizons, as well as my home. A place where I could be myself, as well as the only place I really needed to be. Given the monarchies’ dying history, the palace always remained as a symbol of that statement. Reminding us that the Clavens-bloodline ruled strong and continued doing so. But just looking at the gorgeous setting from afar was like stepping into a painting. As the Palace was placed on top of a hill, viewing all the way across the city and reaching out towards the ocean, it’s status was undeniable. The platin columns, the golden walls encrypted with paintings and monumental artifacts. A floor so white and clean, that you could see your own reflection when stepping into the crown that was home. Surrounding it was a small garden only a few kilometers long, where beautiful flowers and organic plants were harvested for alchemy and medicine. I remember Hadrian spending so much time there, that I’d nearly forgotten he was the royal advisor. I suppose it only made sense it would grow so much on me, given I was his apprentice after all. Now I mostly just look at the place in wonder, contemplating if he would ever have a chance to use it again. What a dream. As I entered the halls drifting with butlers and staff members, the violet started to bubble up for a bit, and I wondered if I let it stir enough for the color to rest. The paint was usually not the most difficult task when it came to alchemy but, using a months’ worth of violet seemed somehow ingenious to me. Of cause, Noah would not stop begging me to continue the production, as his beautiful paintings needed only one distinct color. Violet. I never really understood why that was the only color he couldn’t paint without, and I’d given up asking him years ago. Now it was really just his mark as a person, and there was something nice about that too. Watching him paint the sky into a firework of auras or making a perfect replicate of the city’s incredible architecture.

I let that thought sink in for a moment, as I entered the inked wooden door written ‘No disturbances’ on it with a grin.

“I figured you’d be here”  

“Lou! Hey!” Noah gulped, as he nearly fell from his chair in shock. I didn’t stop myself from giggling at his reaction, as I entered the circled room. Enlightened by the sun, the silhouette of a boy placed in the center made me smile as he turned the pencil in his hand repeatedly. “Don’t scare me like that! I thought you were one of the staff members. God, they’ve been chasing me all morning”

“Ah, so that’s why you’re here” I mumbled and placed myself behind his shoulder. Noah looked just as gentle as he ever was, with brown hair and hazel eyes that would melt into your heart. Though it was rare for me to see him painting like this, alone in an isolated part of the castle.

“Painting again, are you? More… violets?” I said, glaring at the half purple scenery. Only half done, and his few strokes already looked like a masterpiece. The flowers sprung out like fireworks on the painting, blending with light purple and green. Both colors balanced each other perfectly and created a sense of peace when looking at the gentle nuances. I don’t think I’ll ever get over how beautiful Noah’s paintings are. Even something as simple as flowers, he somehow managed to turn it into a real picture on its own. He nodded his head awkwardly, before smiling in blunder:

“Well, yeah… I just wanted to relax for a bit. And, I guess you could say it brought up some old memories”

“They’re beautiful,” I said, quickly followed by his overdramatic ramble. “Ha! Don’t flatter me. As an artist I’m entitled to have some criticism, right? Though, I don’t mind the flattering…”

“But why violets? Don’t you have more exciting things to paint? Like ehm… Oh! What about one of those rose marionettes? Or… a bellamium maybe? “He shook his head precise, with crossed arms and a playing glare. “No. Violets are better. Always. Leave it to the professional Lou, I know what I’m doing”

“I see, given that the professional just dropped a whole bucket of violet on the floor”

“Wha-Oh no!” he gulped, as the bucket rolled on the floor in metal clangs. I hadn’t even realized it dripping near his toes, before the giant puddle of violet, now spilled the floor. I rolled my eyes, before helping myself to a cloth, not caring about my now ruined dress. “God, you’re so clumsy Noah. One of these days, you’re going to hurt yourself”

“Hehe… Spoke a little too soon, didn’t I?” he mumbled, his left hand scratching the back of his head in embarrassment. But I couldn’t really blame him though… Once you pull him out of his focus and creativity, all hell breaks loose in an instant.

“As usual” He laughed silently at the statement, while we both continued mopping purple up with the bucket. The stains were all over the place, it was a miracle we hadn’t ruined the painting. I sighted, after watering the cloth, putting the now empty bucket back on the shelf.

“So then... Are you ready for tonight?”

“Ready? What are you talking about? I’m terrified” he said, continuing mopping his chair up.

“I can see that, that way you’re reacting today. But hopefully, this will improve your status as a royal. I wish I could say the same thing…”

“No. Don’t do that” I stopped, briefly interrupted by his now serious demeanor. “Do what?”
“Don’t look down on yourself like that! It won’t do you any good. And besides, I already told you I’m not doing this for something so imbecile as status. People can judge me in any way they please, I just don’t want to prove anything” Every word was solid like they were straight up taking out from a poetry book. But I don’t have the same freedom as Noah does when it came to opinions. People are judging me by something stupid, and I’m getting tired of it. Judge me or not, I still want them to know how I feel. Still, I just nodded my head, not giving away my actual thoughts on the matter. But I suppose he couldn’t disagree with me entirely.

“I suppose you’re right”

He put the mop away. “damn. I can’t believe I have to stand up to all those people today when they don’t even like me. Some soldier, eh?”

“People are ridiculous. A disgrace to the Claven bloodline. What do they even know about it anyway? We’re orphans, not monsters” I said, crossing my arms by the thought. He smiled at me, looking to the ground while grabbing a new pencil from his collection.

“It’s fine, they just… they just have a hard time seeing Jamia’s side of things. It’s understandable”

“Speaking of… Have you seen him today?”

He shook his head confused. “No. I’ve been too wrapped up in preparations… Why?” I felt myself sigh and rolled my shoulders.
“I don’t know. He just seems a little… nervous, today. I was thinking maybe I’d done something wrong but, no never mind. If that was the case I would definably know”
“Are you sure that’s everything?” he asked, brushing the pencil with a gentle finger. I nodded, moving over to the door in my doubtfulness. “Yes. Sorry to bother you”

“Bother me? Are you kidding? I’ve been dying to talk to someone all day. You’re a hero” he said, sending me a smile. I couldn’t help but laugh a little, as I got a better look at him in the sunlight.

“Really? And what does that make you? My sidekick?”

“My lady, please… don’t underestimate my intelligence!”

“Excuse me then, kind sir” I mumbled, in the most playful voice I could think of. I see him grin, before turning around keeping focus to the painting.

“Oh, and Noah?”


I smiled. “You have violet spilled over your left cheek”





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