Lost Boy Like me

Have you ever wondered what that place between dreaming and living is called? You know the one where time is never a thing to worry about. Where magic is real and you can fly in the sky and sing with mermaids? That place is real...that place is my home...my home is Never Lan...and it can be your home too...because you are a Lost boy like me.


4. Tell me your age

Peter’s pov:

The girl climbed in through my window and sat down on the bench that sat next to my open window. My eyes went wider as I watched the girl that moments before was flying looked at me with a smile. “Hi there what's your name?”  She asked me with a calm and gentle voice. I was so excited that she was there with a fairy. “I’m Peter Mclane! I’m 11 years old and I live with my mom and dad! Can you really fly!” I asked and said all of this so fast that I was shocked when she understand what was said. “Peter huh? And yes I can fly. All it takes is Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust.” My eyes got bigger and more excited when I listened to her stories. “So I could fly too! Just like you! I could go to Never Land! I could play all day long with no worries or responsibilities!” She nodded to each one and it was like a dream come true. “If that what you really want then yeah sure I don’t see why not Mr. Peter. But if you do come to Never Land with me you’ll have to leave your mom and dad and change your name in order to come.” I stepped back from her for a bit thinking this all over for a bit.


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