Lost Boy Like me

Have you ever wondered what that place between dreaming and living is called? You know the one where time is never a thing to worry about. Where magic is real and you can fly in the sky and sing with mermaids? That place is real...that place is my home...my home is Never Lan...and it can be your home too...because you are a Lost boy like me.


5. Peter Pan

She smiled at me in a calm and welcoming way that said she didn’t want to hurt me. “Don’t you want to stay young forever?” She asked intriguing me even more. I nodded as I hugged my stuff rabbit closer to my chest and stuck my tongue out in the way that I did when I was thinking. “I’ll go but only if you let me say goodbye first.” The girl agreed to this and smiled once again at me. “I’ll be back tomorrow tonight for you then Peter.” She giggled and with that she jumped out my window and flew away as if it was all a dream. I watched from my bed in amazement as she flew off into the night. I smiled and hugged my bunny closer thinking of  all the crazy adventures I would get to go on tomorrow night.


The next day as soon as the sun hit the sky my mom was up and about going about her day. I smiled and jumped out of bed and ran down stairs to hug her. “Good Morning!” I yelled as I ran and tackled her in a hug with a big smile on my face. “What are you doing up so early?” She asked me in surprise with a big smile on her face. “I decided that since I’m going to be leaving tonight I should spend extra time with you and dad.”  I thought it best not to mention the fairy and girl that had come to my room last night and said she would back tonight. In fear that my mom would try and stop her from coming. My mom looked a little skeptical but smiled nonetheless. “Oh really now….and were will you be going tonight?” I smiled at her and shrugged. “I can’t say were but I won’t be able to see you anymore if I do go.” I ran off after that to wake my dad before she could ask anything.


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