Lost Boy Like me

Have you ever wondered what that place between dreaming and living is called? You know the one where time is never a thing to worry about. Where magic is real and you can fly in the sky and sing with mermaids? That place is real...that place is my home...my home is Never Lan...and it can be your home too...because you are a Lost boy like me.


3. Lost Girl

Lost Girl’s pov:

Tinker told me she had found a new kid that could take my place as the leader of the lost boys on the island. “Are you sure about this Tink?” I asked as we flew out of Never Land the home I’d always known. “Yes! Lilly trust me. This boy will be prefect for your spot and then you can go back home to your mom and dad and grow up.” She sounded a little mad about the growing up part but I sighed and followed her with nothing else to say. She led me to a small house in America where a little boy sat by the window and made a wish. He was small with brown eyes and orange brown hair to match. He sat there looking at the stars with a big happy smile on his face as he spoke. I smiled a little remembering about how I used to be just like that before I was taken to Never Land by the fairies. “Well how old is he then Tink?” I asked not waiting to take the boy at too young of an age. Tink shrugged at me and flew into the house before I could stop her.


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