Lost Boy Like me

Have you ever wondered what that place between dreaming and living is called? You know the one where time is never a thing to worry about. Where magic is real and you can fly in the sky and sing with mermaids? That place is real...that place is my home...my home is Never Lan...and it can be your home too...because you are a Lost boy like me.


1. Leave your window open

Peter's pov:

“Mommy before you turn the lights off tonight can you please make sure that the window is open.”She gave me a look that asked why do you want the window open but she never said a word. “Because if you the leave the window open then the fairies can get in.”  My mom laughed a soft and sweet laugh as she nodded and left the window cracked open just a tiny bit. She kissed my head good night and tucked me in turning the lights out and leaving the room. I stayed in bed for a little bit waiting to hear if my mom had really gone to her bed. Once I was sure that she had gone to bed I excitedly got out of bed and ran to the window. “Please fairs if your real. Come and visit me! I want to go to Never Land and become a hero like the ones in my comic books!” I smiled happy with my wish and crawled back into bed and that’s when my whole word changed.

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