Lost Boy Like me

Have you ever wondered what that place between dreaming and living is called? You know the one where time is never a thing to worry about. Where magic is real and you can fly in the sky and sing with mermaids? That place is real...that place is my home...my home is Never Lan...and it can be your home too...because you are a Lost boy like me.


6. Angel of Death

Lilly the lost girl’s pov:

I sighed as I flew back with Tink to Never Land the happy face of the boy was glued into my brain. “This doesn’t feel right Tink. I know that you said by doing this I could home but it doesn’t feel right to kill another kid just so that I can go home.” Tink kept flying with me until I said that when she paused were she was. “This is the only way you can be free and you know this Lilly. I don’t like the idea anymore then you do but you alone know the truth of Never Land. It’s not a place where you run off too and never grow up. It’s a place where you go to when your ready to die.” I closed my eyes and covered my ears not wanting to hear any more of it. “Well then why does it have to be this way! Why can’t the kids choose to go there why do we have to force them and trick them.”  Tink went quite as if to say ‘You all ready know the answer to that question.’ I dropped my head in defeat knowing that there was no point in fighting her any more.

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