❝I got more than a thing for you, tattoo and ink for you. Right over my heart girl, I do the unthinkable.❞ - Drake

Justin Bieber and his family move to an all-black neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York called Bed-Stuy (neighborhood and year is based off the television series, Everybody Hates Chris). His family didn't know that a good percentage of the neighborhood aren't comfortable with their presence.

Skye Jones was one of the many few that didn't have a problem with the Adams moving to the neighborhood. Her parents asked for her to stay away, but she just couldn't resist.

Not too long after their relationship began to spark, Eddie Johnson is shot down unexpectedly while playing basketball one afternoon. Most people believe that all fingers point to Justin, and this puts Skye's trust for him on the line.

Will Justin be able to win Skye back over? Or will the power of restriction and stereotypes overpower Skye and Justin's relationship?


1. 1 | Nothing's Into Something's


I'M HOMELESS, and I've been this way for two months. You can let your mind explore, but we've been in and out of hotels so we're not exactly homeless, but I sure as hell couldn't call a hotel a home. The struggle for money, the nonstop questions about when we're getting home, and the fight over who eats the last bit of this or that – it all wasn't a cup of tea with the queen of England, I tell you that much.

My mother, my siblings, and I stood outside front of Best Western Falls-view while my father struggled to stuff all the bags in the trunk of our Volkswagen Sirocco. My brother, Jaxon, clung to my mother's thigh with his stuffed animal Elmo stuck in his armpit. My sister, Jazmyn, clung to her other leg with her thumb stuck in her mouth.

"Not everything is going to fit, Jeremey," My mother said for the millionth time in the past ten minutes.

My father huffed and shot her a glare.

"We'll have to make it fit, Pat. I'm not leaving anything here."

My mother rolled her eyes and started to reassure my siblings that things were going to be alright. Even I knew that wasn't a fact that we could all cling to. But, I knew she only did it, so they wouldn't worry. I, on the other hand, was free to let my mind go crazy about where we were going and sleeping for the night.

My father got the last bag into the trunk and tried to of swing it down shut. Every time he tried to shut it, Jazmyn's stuffed animal Big Bird sounded off and started counting numbers.

Jazmyn ripped her thumb from between her lips and cried, "You're squishing Big Bird, Daddy!"

My father sighed loudly and let the head of the trunk swing back open.

"You have to take everything out and re-organize it," I spoke up, wishing we could get this over with because I felt eyes burning into my skin.

"Listen to Justin, Jere," My mother insisted.

My father turned to us and put his hands on his hips. His face was red and beads of sweat slid down from his forehead. He swiped his arm across his forehead to draw away some of it.

"Okay, you come over and help me take this stuff out then,"

I walked over and started grabbing bags out the trunk. When I reached to Jazmyn's Big Bird, I handed it to her. Instantly, she let go of my mother's leg. She flashed me a toothless smile, grabbed it, and snuggled it close her chest.

We got all the bags back out of the trunk. They sat on the sidewalk, letting the sun bake them.

Suddenly, my father's hand smacked against the back of my sweaty white t-shirt.

"You lead, boy. You came up with the brilliant idea."

My heart churned at the sarcasm that spit from his lips.

I leaned over to the sidewalk and grabbed his suitcase, the biggest pack of luggage we had. I'd say we leave his shit and drive off, but I would be outnumbered by my entire family.

Starting with suitcases, we packed bag after bag into the trunk. My annoyed father could finally get the trunk closed and we all got into the car. I took the window seat behind my mother on the right of the car, next to Jaxon's car seat. Not too long after my father drove off from the hotel that Jaxon and Jazmyn were slumped over in their seats. I was ready to join them, but my father ruined that.

"Justin," My father called, glancing at me from the rearview mirror.


"I was waiting for Jaxon and Jazmyn to go to sleep before I told you the news."

"Okay," I said, wanting him to go on and spit it out so I could sleep.

"I found a nice townhouse in Brooklyn, New York. Your grandparents sent just enough money for the plane tickets."

My eyebrows furrowed, "New York? Why so far from home? Moreover, out of Canada?"

My father sighed, "I filled out some applications and was offered a job in New York paying almost thirty dollars an hour. Turns out, the guy who offered me the job is an old friend of mine from high school."

"Wow," I said, leaning back against the headrest.

"I know these times are hard for us, Justin, but I swear things will be back on track when we get to Brooklyn. Things are going to change."

"I hope so,"' I muttered, closing my eyes.


THE DAY JUSTIN BIEBER arrived, it was treated like any other normal humid day in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. The sun cast down beautifully on the streets and buildings. A boom-box sat on the sidewalk outside, blaring Poison by Bell Biv DeVoe through the speakers. Boys dressed in white tees and basketball shorts played a fair game of basketball in the middle of the street. I watched them play every day around four o'clock in the afternoon. This always gave them the opportunity to make small talk with me, especially Sean Thompson.

"When are you going stop playing around and be my girl, Skye?" He asked with a sly smirk growing across his lips and the basketball stuck underneath his arm.

"In your dreams, Sean," I replied, shooing him off so he could finish the game.

The girls, you may ask, would always be leaned over in their two-story windows. The conversations filled with gossip about who dated whom and who slept around with who. Sometimes I bothered to eavesdrop, depending on who exactly they were talking about, but on this day, I wasn't in the mood for that.

"Jared, you're seriously not going to do anything about this?! Those whites cannot just barge into our neighborhood!" My mother, Georgia, roared in the next room.

I removed my attention from the three to zero basketball game. I scooted from the window to the nearest wall in my room, pressing my ear against it to hear the argument better.

"Georgia, don't overreact about this. We don't need that." My father advised.

Those whites? My mother spat the words as if she was talking about white colored clothing. I despised how much they had so much discrimination towards white people. It was unnecessary. 

An annoyed sigh blew from my lips. I jumped up from the vacant space in the corner of my bedroom. I strolled over to my bed and sat down on my bed pretzel style.

I pulled my laptop in my lap, pulling it open. A knock stopped me from logging on to it.

"One minute!" I shouted.

I placed my laptop next to me and hurried to my bedroom door. Twisting the lock, I swung it open to see my mother standing in front of my father. My father's hands were resting on her shoulders. They both appeared to be concerned and angry.

My mother cleared her throat, patting down her long floral skirt.

"Sweetie, can we come in? We need to talk." My mother asked smoothly.

"Okay," I said, moving to the side to let them inside my room.

They walked past me, plopped down on my bed, left an open space between them for me. I sat down, and my mother was quick to clasp her hand on top of mine. A nervous sigh blew from her lips.

"Skye, sweetie, there's a white family that will be intruding our neighborhood this afternoon. They have two sons and a daughter. We just ask you to stay away from them and their children. You know your father and I do not tolerate you hanging around kids of the opposite race. We would kindly appreciate it if you accept our wishes and obey the rules. Right, Jared?" My mother looked past me, eyeing my father.

He was stuck in a train of thought. He shook his head quickly, blinking his eyes to recollect himself.

"Right." He said, nodding quickly at me and my mother.

I nodded, knowing I had no other choice than to follow their rules to remain living in their home.

My mother's lips pressed against my forehead before she stood up with my father. They departed the room, closing the door lightly behind them, leaving me in my bedroom alone.

The sound of truck tires screeching caught my attention. I jumped up from my bed and hurried to my window. I tugged at the curtain string, dragging up my blinds to see it was U-Haul moving truck.

"Come on and help me with these boxes, son." A man ordered from the back of the truck.

A young white boy, who appeared to look the same age as me, hopped out of the passenger's seat. He appeared to look slightly annoyed and uncomfortable with this change in his life.

A chipped red painted truck pulled up behind the U-Haul truck. A young boy and girl, probably related to the boy around my age, hurried out of the backseats with McDonald's happy meals.

Holding a box, the boy turned, allowing his eyes to wander around the area. His eyes met mine instantly, staring back at me in my two-story window. His hair was gelled back into a quiff, shining a beautiful shade of brunette. His eyes glimmered in the sunlight, which appeared to be a light caramel-brown.

Goosebumps rose on my skin. I couldn't look away just yet. The look in his eyes made me catch my breath. My heart pounded hard behind my ribcage. I felt intoxicated by him. He was on the end of a rope, drawing me in closer to him.

A grin slowly grew on his lips, which could've made me fall to my knees if I wasn't already sitting on them. I gasped, dropping the blinds back down, but had the smile of a drunk idiot. My bashful behavior caused me to come back to realization.

After a few seconds ticked by and I believed he was gone, I drew the blinds back up to take another peek at the mysterious boy. He continued to assist his father with bringing their belongings into their new home. I tilted my head, watching his growing muscles flex with every box he carried. My finger casually twirled through my curly locks.

A lady soon caught my attention when she hopped out the driver's seat of a Volkswagen. She slammed it close. She appeared to look utterly unsatisfied at that very moment. I squinted my eyes to look at her with a better vision. Her features greatly resembled the boy's.

"I'm going to look around, Jeremey." She announced, strolling up the staircase with a suitcase. She disappeared into the house a second later.

"Skye, honey! Come help your mother with dinner!" My father's voice shouted from downstairs, probably sitting on the couch watching football.

I groaned, despising the fact I had to cut my eyes from the mysterious boy. I let go of the string of the blinds, letting them fall back against the ledge. I stood up from the floor and departed my room to assist my mother in the kitchen.

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