Dearest One

Doctor Accardi wants to expand his medical knowledge so he can better serve his people in Sicily Italy. He's offered an internship of sorts at one of the best hospitals in Denver Colorado. What he finds is much more than he expected. Love, old memories, new friendships, and a few surprises and problems along the way make for an interesting time in the O.R.


12. Chapter Eleven

Piero dried his hands before tossing the napkin in the garbage can and turning, about to go back to visit some of the patients. He halted his step when he saw James enter the common room. He smiled warmly at the other man.

"Hello Piero," James greeted.

Piero moved aside leaving the sink available for him.

"Hello Colleague."

"We have received a very generous donation to the hospital thanks to Mr. Woods," James announced, dispensing some soap onto his palm.

Piero blinked confused. "Jeff's father?"

"Yes, he was very pleased with the results of the surgery and-" He wiped his hands dry and turned to face Piero, giving him a small smile. "he wanted to thank you for going to speak with him and making him see the value of his son's life and his family."

Piero smiled, satisfied. He had changed someone's life. And not only Mr. Woods' but Jeff's. Piero had grown very fond of the raven haired boy and to see him smile while hugging his mom and dad after he awoke from the surgery, was more than enough reward for him.

"And," James continued. "He found out from a few sources that you were here to learn about all the new medications so that you can go back to Sicily and build a hospital there with the money you saved here,"

Piero nodded, curious as to where this was going.

James pulled out an envelope from his coat pocket and handed it to Piero.

"He wanted you to have this." James patted Piero's shoulder smiling warmly before leaving him staring curiously at the white envelope with his name scrawled across the front.

Piero glanced up at the door once more before carefully opening the envelope and pulled out two pieces of thin white paper.

The first slip was a card. He opened it slowly. Neat writing that resembled the letter on the envelope was on the inside.

"Doctor Accardi, a simple thank you isn't enough to express my gratitude towards you. When my son started getting sick for no apparent reason, I chucked it up to just a virus or something small like that. But when we found out about the tumor, my world collapsed around me. I know it was inhumane and horrendous of my part to just abandon my son in that hospital like I did, and I understand that there isn't any excuse I could give that would justify my leaving him alone, but I didn't know how to deal with it. I felt an impotence seeing him there without being able to hold him and see him run and laugh like he used to. I know I behaved childish and inconsiderate for not thinking of my son's feelings and I feel awful for it." He read. "You coming and speaking with me was what I desperately needed to see that I was being ridiculous and that my son needed me. I apologize for the things I said to you and I thank you for helping with his surgery. I will never have enough to thank you for giving me back my family but I hope this helps at least to show some of my gratitude."

At the bottom of the page was a shaded drawing of a smiling panther. Piero smiled, panthers were Jeff's favorite animal in the entire world. He closed the card and looked at the other piece of paper. His mouth dropped open in shock.

The slip of paper was a check addressed to him. Piero rubbed his eyes trying to clear his vision. The number on the check couldn't be what he thought he saw. He blinked, took a deep breath and looked down at the piece of paper again. He blinked once more, nope his eyes were definitely working right. Five hundred thousand dollars.

"Oh my God," He breathed. That was more than enough to build his hospital in his small hometown.

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