The Kringe Effect.. Pocket book issue 1..

A small book to your fav story the Kringe...
The mystery, the doors the nitghtmares missing words.. Ghosts.. Wishes
Unknown stuff, and outages.for books one two and three..
Copyrighted ...


Author's note

By initials jc

2. The Kringe effect book one..

The day and island know as fox island from story about Be care full what you wish for a mysterious note and what,---' if you guess the, the missing letters.. Your right  but what's behind the real Kringe...?. Something hidden to the real

monsters that try's to explain fear is the wish but how,, Sam somehow saw the cringe, and the missing, letter as the fear.. Not as scary as thought but frieghtening...

In story book 1 what was same true wish?

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