The Kringe Effect.. Pocket book issue 1..

A small book to your fav story the Kringe...
The mystery, the doors the nitghtmares missing words.. Ghosts.. Wishes
Unknown stuff, and outages.for books one two and three..
Copyrighted ...


Author's note

By initials jc

1. Behind book 1

The story begins on fox island but, what was the moral, what monster hid,, did the book tell you? Perhaps the stroy was about Sam illusionary demented minds.. But he was really in some fanatsy beyond the whole story what was the missing letter.mti find that out lest go back to fox island first stroy the kringe 1...

In the book it says..

The letter c is missing? In the Inge what part of the letter was missing..

Suddenly it, was in his hut, but Sam, some how knew the word was a forgotten mystery..

In the door one and two, sam realized that his souls were not of him but his friends..

Why did sam see a imagination, filled with, his nightamres for some reason he seemes alive in book one, but if you read the end of the book, he dead..

Or is he?. According to the reaper he dead of his wishes but, somehow in the second book he is waiting to get another soul or exit his death..

In the kringe 2' Tim plays another person but relates too, Sam somehow he gets to find that his life is somehowvery similar, what door three, doesn't say is its real wish, somehow the monster ghost from book one goes unnoticed, wondering if, Tim really is alive?

Somehow book three, takes on the journey of forbidden lie about what? We yet to find out..

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