The Kringe 3 /The other white Lie!

The reaper found the, door of nightamares and finally thought fox island was just going back to hell, until one person decided to keep it alive,, after Tim disapeered and sam portrayed himself back to his own mind..
A new epic lie found the only wish was inside a paradise...
Somehow,, the lie had brought hell,, whta kind of lie was it?


Author's note

New epic tale of The Kringe..

8. The lie of the second 2 kringe...

By now secrets beyond hindered the white lie.. She was forgotten to much so to Maken  wish, but never too late to lie?? Then what she saw was beyond beliefs,,, something shouldn't be more terrifying then the next dream... What was then your wish??

The aw familiar reaper,, and she saw the missing dolls,mmad no powers,, im somehow.. In his dream before midnight... As ️️odd she knew!! The mystery.. I see, amny lies but, wish the same?? Her all familiar wish forever...

What mosnster saw that... Or wished that?. Had something gone completely insane...

Or was ready... What was ready... The wish ir the number... The shaidw and the third perhaps he'll began to come in??

Fox island was back again,, the triangle started to engulf another bunch of lies..

I see, many things.. Please I need freinds.. Or do I she said...

Many new enticing wishes.. I never had wishes.. The shaodws warned of that.. The night was scary filled with dark and whiteness of if the world was seeing a new Nightamre or, Inpleasedy new, life.. telling her the first wish before, be careful what you wish for nothing is forever,,it's was just never meant that way.. Now thinking this is the scraeist story evr how am going to escape this she thought!! I see read a good book but I also see, a great white lie.. Who will haunt you every midnight every dark eary thing she see ..

I can't solve this it's too powerful she thouht?.,, beyond that the new hell had many things,, perhaps finding eh, the new face of horrors, behinds he fear,, somehow new evik was pleasing yet had its very demises.. She saw ain same crazy,, perhaps demented outrage of a ghost... I wish ,, I wish and she then saw nothing but,,, her first.. Games and nightamres... The only word I see is a white lie...

Thinking she cared for only herself.. I think the same... The ghost saw, her and the frieghtening new hell came about,, am ew wha  she pondered seeing a curse or something... Her new freight ending ordeal, seeing eh so mystery let me see your face the reaper saw her wish... I hope you seen the other two ghost he said.. I see a dream you have... He then saw her in the very grave.. Asking if she was dead or alive... Her worst fear of gamesand nightmares overcame her.

One howver death flying sacry tale of thenext look in the mirrors and see the white lie..

Perhaps he face showed. Up she ws somfrightened that her words.... Came up with the very kringe of it

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