Darkness over Light

Is it possible to clear up someone elses history using hope and poppies?


Author's note

In this movella i am using the content from one of my other movellas ~ Poppies and new beginnings ~ with a different story line though.

1. 1

As soon as i had driven through the strong iron entrance gates that stared stonily back at me i realised that no good could surely come from this trip to the place that is alone and no~one dares go. It seemed wrong that i was driving up to the deserted ghostly mansion in a Mercedes instead of perching daintily on a velvet seat in a horse drawn carriage, dressed up to the nines in frills and fancies. I was still pondering over the infomation that the cold untouchable lawyer had sprung on me just the week before. My granmother that i never knew had left me, in her will, the homestead that was called home for both her and her grandmother. There are only three things that make this residence slightly more appealing to me. These were: the air of mystery that the place held proudly like it was the only thing left of the many treasures, the golden olden memories that were hand printed into the walls by many un suspecting person, and who knows what hidden dark secret may be in hiding after setting a curse over the once grand English country home. After approaching the heavy door that opened with surprising ease almost as if the house keeper or some portly butler was the other side welcoming me in. Roaming around slowly careful not to disturb to many of the numerous layers of dust, dirt and cobwebs. I felt rather like Miss Havisham from Great Expectations waiting for her lover to finally appear and marry her. Discovering the main lounge or parlour i fought the urge to curtsy, the room even after what could have been 100 years hadnt lost its beauty. On wall caught my attention in particular. The rich midnight navy lounger looked maginficant placed against the plush enriching darker shade of green wall on which three paintings hung ~ the middle being thr largest ~ framed in what looked to be gold my ancestors observing me with unseeing eyes no expression painted on their oily faces. After feeling increasingly intimidated by the unwavering stares and the splendor and majesty of the room i spun on my heels and headed towards a door that i noticed was leading into the east wing of thr rambling old home. My hand crept slowly towards the door handle, coiling back with alarming speed and discomfort. My hand shivered and quaked until i was convinced that something had bewitched it. Once the voices in my head had been convinced that had been slowly getting louder in protest of entering this part of the house i opened the door which let free a slow groan making me wonder if the whole door was waking up and its joints protesting about the efforts that had to be made to move. I walked along in a daze not caring how many cobwebs were swinging freely about my person. I stopped in the middle of the sparsly furnished room. It was obviously the nursery. A huge rocking horse was positioned not far from a small childs bed that looked oddly out of proportion compared to the rest of the room. Yet again this room had one thing in common with the rest of the house darkness sorrow almost. The whole place was spookily shadowed with gloom not a single dust size piece of hope was willing to show up. I wanted desperately to scream but resisted even though there is noone to hear me. Somehow it doesnt seem respectful. Every direction that my body turns and every object my eyes encounter are silent and once again dark. I found myself slowly adjusting to the ghostly atmosphere that was wearily wrapping its arms mothering around me. I had to be going mad. Being completely solitude surely cannot be good for anyone. Yet somehow i knew that once before light and love were the key features of each room, each nook and cranny not even the smallest hidey hole could have possibly escaped the life that was once lived. Now though in the current time it wasnt possible for even the maddest of all mad hatters to stand this huge overpoweringly sad, melancholy shambling place that had a right to be called a dwelling of some kind. Thanx for reading! Please tell me your thought and comments...... Like and fav :) Keep being beautiful... RainEvangeline xo
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