Dragons Rise

Luke finds himself cast into a new world. He fights to find his own path as his world changes drastically. There are many mysteries in every world but the one Luke finds could be the biggest of all..


Author's note

I hope all of you enjoy my story. I'll do my best to answer any comments. You're support means so much to me. Thankyou

2. Luke

Memories swirled through his mind all asking for attention. His mind focused on one memory in particular. It was a cool night, with the stars shining brightly. John was eleven and Luke was eight years old. They were sitting outside on the porch begging for a story. Sophie would give them that look that said “One story, then go to bed.” John grinned excitedly and Luke’s lips tugged upwards in the start of a grin.

Sophie gazed upwards and her story began. “Forty-three years ago stories began spreading. Stories of creatures believed to be nothing more than legends. They were known as Mythical creatures. I was four when it all began. I do not remember anything of the day other than what people have told me.” Her eyes clouded in memories and John and Luke would exchange excited glances knowing what came next.

“It all started as a normal day, everyone was laughing and dancing in the crowded streets of Varal Village. It was peaceful and pleasant. It was nearing sunset and everyone was out and about. Smiles and laughter filled the air. Suddenly the world turned black, all light gone as if ripped out of the sky itself. Screams filled the night, people ran and cries of fear filled the air”

At this part John and Luke seemed to lean forward eagerly wishing to hear the next part. Sophie smiled at them and reached out tenderly brushing John’s hair. Sadness lingered in her eyes as she continued her tale. “Everywhere was dark and fear penetrated everyone’s heart. Then there was light so bright everyone had to shield their eyes. It came from the sky itself and all saw it. It filled every crack and crevice with its unearthly light and then it vanished and the world was back to normal.”

“Suddenly creatures were appearing all over the world. They were not normal, they were legends made real. People told tales of sightings of these creatures, and with them was always a person. These people if they even are people were called Riders. Chaos appeared all over as these creatures appeared. King Nera the second’s royal nights went to battle against these creatures. The battling was harsh as the creatures fought desperately.”

“The knights fought bravely destroying the creatures as they went. The knights scared off these creatures. It’s said that there was not a single corpse of the enemy side. Just as they had appeared they vanished. Since then people have seen sighting of these creatures. It’s said that they stalk the night waiting for a chance to kill us all.” John’s eyes were wide as he said “Tell us about the Riders.”

“Riders are people who ride these beasts. It has been told that they are unlike normal people. They are able to run faster and jump farther than normal. They fight like wild creatures and it’s said that magic blossoms through their hands. Sightings have been seen but they always disappear, before they are caught. No one knows much more then this about these people.”

“Tell us more.” Luke said a thoughtful look on his face. His finger twisting a piece of his hair slightly. “Not tonight it is late maybe tomorrow.” Her eyes twinkled as she gazed at the two of them. Her gaze filled with warmth and love. The memory ended replaced by a new one.

 Luke was twelve John fifteen. They were out talking with the villagers when the king’s elite knights marched through the village. The elite knights were a special group of knights chosen by King Nera the second. King Nera the second had made the elite knights as his last order before he died of old age fifteen years after the Darkening. The Darkening is the word they used for the day the world went black.

Now King Nera the third rules the land. King Nera the third is much like his father, in the ways of ruling the kingdom. He is a cruel, greedy king who cares more about himself then others. He has strengthened the elite knights and granted them more power than any other knight. The elite knights are a special division specifically created to kill mythical creatures and their riders.

They wore silver helmets marked with a golden eagle symbolizing their place as elite knights. Chain male armor gleamed in the sun, and each of their chest plates was marked with the golden eagle symbol. They strode into town with no fear as if they owned it. A wagon trailed behind the first five men followed by six men guarding the rear. The wagon was broad and Luke saw boys who looked as if they had just reached their manhood or were nearing it inside. The wagon rolled to a halt all the villagers looking fearfully at it.

John looked on with wide eyes and asked “What’s happening?” “They’ve come to take those who have reached or our about to reach their manhood and turn them into knights.” Miles was gritting his teeth and his eyes were filled with fear, sadness, and other emotions Luke was unable to read. A knight in the back walked forward holding a scroll. He opened it in the middle of the road and read.

“All boys who have reached their seventeenth year, or who have just entered their manhood step forward.”

Twelve boys stepped forward, three of them were eighteen and the others were still seventeen. The man looked up at the boys with a careful eye. He continued reading.

“By order of the king, those chosen by the elite knights shall come to the kingdom and train to become knights. All those who disobey this order will be killed alongside their family.”

Horrified gasps erupted from the villagers. The boys that had lined up were filled with fear and a longing to run. Luke’s eyes were wide as three more Elite knights walked up and picked out all the boys who looked strong and capable. Five boys were chosen and led to the wagon. The villagers watched as the wagon rolled off. After it was out of sight. Crying broke out.

Luke and John looked around wide eyed unsure what was happening. “Come boys, let us head home. Sophie should hear this.” Miles led them out of the village and down to their house. The memory ended followed quickly by another.

 John was ten, Luke seven. John was sitting in Luke’s bed smiling widely as he waited for Luke’s reply. Luke was staring at the ceiling his eyes distant as he twirled a piece of his hair. “I know you want to.” John breathed into Luke’s ear, causing him to shiver. Luke’s lip quirked upward before returning to his normal blank face.

“Smile more, you hardly ever show emotions.” John murmured using his thumbs to push Luke’s mouth up into a small smile. Luke hardly ever showed emotions but John was always coming up with new plans that brought hints of emotions out. Luke nodded at last and pushed John’s hands off his face. “Fine, but stop doing that.” John grinned and led the way.

They walked silently down the stairs, well Luke walked silently. John kept making the floor creak and groan. At last they were at the bottom of the stairs and they snuck down into the room. Sophie and Miles were sitting on the bench talking quietly. John pointed to the table and made a gesture that meant, you first.

Luke crept through the room and over to the table hiding under the cloth. A minute later John appeared. Sophie and Miles voices were clearer now as they listened intently. Sophie’s soft voice washed over them. “The sightings are growing more numerous, a messenger said that the king has found out something interesting.” John leaned closer eager to hear what came next. “They said that the riders are marked by the symbol of a mythical creature on their left hand.”

Luke’s eyes were wide as he listened intently. “The king is demanding that his soldiers go through and check everyone for these marks.” Miles deep voice said “I have heard talk of this, I do not believe the people will allow it, they are already fed up with the Elite knights. The loss of their strong young men taken to be knights has upset them deeply.” Sophie mumbled something that was unheard by Luke and John before saying.

“The people will not take kindly to being accused of being Riders, by doing this the king might have a rebellion on his hands.” Miles deep voice lowered slightly as he said “True, but many people want riders dead, ever since the Almira flood there are more who long to see Riders destroyed.” The Almira flood was a great tragedy that happened sixteen years ago. People believed it was the work of Riders. It’s said that a great wave of water had come out of nowhere destroying village’s whole.

They say the great water creatures had done this under the control of the Riders. More than thirty-three villages destroyed and at least a thousand deaths. People have said that there was horrible destruction when the water receded. Villages were burnt to the ground and later destroyed by the flood. No one knows exactly what happened or why half the villages were burnt before the flood came.

John nudged me from my thoughts. I gave him a questioning look and wondered how long I’d been lost in my thoughts. Miles and Sophie had stopped talking and John was gesturing to get back to our rooms. Luke opened his eyes the memory vanishing. He turned over in bed and allowed himself to drift into an uneasy sleep filled with mythical creatures, riders, and a green eyed man.

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