Escape the X

The sudden horror of a missing people go Strangely more, unknown after the sudden, night of it seemed to be upon Nieghbors , who don't know a thing.. Of their own until midnight and the X becomes some evil being in a pit waiting too?


2. .the escape of the door.. Outside midnight begins

the day was.. Just another ordinary one, and the people of x town started to realize that the town was in terrible, trouble beyond the night was a dream ahead of Williams, his missing area strie he'd from the town over, msterious and dark and frieghtening things.

So scary that the way things came people that saw things ahead of the nightmares and beyond,, but coudnt recollect thier own dreams it was something though recalled, the lady that was living two blocks away, the house was so close to her, that she feared the worst.

Willaim was gone but her fate was with him, since he dissapeared a new monster faced her fears,, the weird night ahead of the fact that, the town needed to find things after midnight. Nobody but noboday was willing to do that.

Untill the story of the drea,s kept the woman up, her night and day night and day fears suddenly started to materilize into a pattern of dreams similar to the other NIghbors.

She knocked on one of her friends dead freinds closets doors, and talked they had the same conversation about the dreams, and somehow realted.

She couldn't believe, they saw the same monster in the dream suddenly the drawing added up to missing puzzle behind that was amazing coincidence. There neede to be escape somehow they thought both wanted to be able to go past midnight.

But who was ever up past midnight anyways?

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