The dark number,,

a mysterious evik, note written years ago, lurks the new case of an eary mytery about missing monster and missing persons who is yet to be solved, untill the detectives find out the true horror of the mystery was number 6" played by a ghost,, trying play mind games and keep the mystery alive ,,, can the detectives solve it?


Author's note

Mysetry suspense every take of a good detective estorie

3. finding Stacey and the unknow mystery

what is in the letters, I am off my rocker replied James' this case is as weird as they come.

Suddenly the story was getting horrid, as a letter the same day found on his door, next to the end of the drive way, I can't see the letter what does it say James asked his worker.

Simply Im Stacey, how could that be ja,es saw some kind of weird and, foul play, this is frietening we must work harder for Stacey,,.

Who is the missing second one asked james, I don't know! Replied his detective colleague but, it's awfully familiar, by looking at this letter..

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