Criminal Love

After yet another failed robbery, Shifty kicks Lifty out in anger, with nowhere to go, Lifty doesn't know what else to do, but can a certain red-haired girl change him for the better and show him there is more to life than stealing?


4. Unamusement Park

Crappy rides. Rubbery food. Flies everywhere.

Those three small things were what came to mind when Lifty heard that Flippy had suggested that the carnival was where they would be hanging out, despite protests from the thief. After a near 30-minute car ride and another five minutes trying to find a parking spot, the trio of friends made it to the park's entrance.

"So. . .we are at this dump," said Lifty, kicking a can along the concrete, "Now what?" "

We could g-go ride some rides" suggested Flaky

"Sounds like a plan," said Flippy

Now the only question left to be answered: What ride should they even go on?

The only nonlife-threatening ride was surprising "The Tunnel Of Fears", which was a motorized boat ride through a darkened tunnel, filled with things to scare the crap out of anyone that dared to ride the ride. Also surprisingly, Flaky was the one to suggest the ride, despite her many fears and general nervousness.

Flippy voiced that concern, "Um, are you sure, Flakes? These kinds of rides tend to terrify you." Flaky nodded, "I-I know, but you guys are here, so I won't bet that scared"

"Don't you worry, Flaky" smiled Flippy, "I'll protect you"

Lifty nearly puked at the cheesy niceness that the war vet was showing off, "God, what goodie-two-shoes", he thought as the other two made their way to the ride. Lifty sat in the middle of the three seat boat cutting Flippy off from sitting next to Flaky, much to Flippy's annoyance.

The boat began its way through the tunnel, which grew darker and darker as they got deeper in. Lumpy, dressed in a hockey mask and wielding a knife, jumped out in front of the boat and let out an ear-piercing scream, raising the knife above his head. Flaky let out a similar scream, before being calmed down by Lifty. After a lot more jumpscares and Flaky screaming, the ride was and over, with Flaky pale as a ghost and shaking like a leaf in the wind.

"M-maybe we shouldn't o-of done that" stuttered Flaky.

After calming down fully, Flaky then suggested that the trio get some food as it was nearly 6 in the evening and none of them had eaten anything for lunch. Finding the food stands they wanted, the friends sat at a nearby table and ate their food in silence until Lifty aimed a kick at Flippy, which connected and cause the soldier to roar in pain, but Flaky didn't see the thief kick him, so she was confused and startled by his yell of pain. 

"Flippy, a-are you okay?"

Flippy nodded, "Mhm. Yeah. Just great."

After that, Flippy tried to kick Lifty back, but missed and hit the table, causing another grunt of pain to be emitted from his lips. That time Flaky saw Flippy's face contort in pain and saw Lifty chuckling, and put two and two together.

"Lifty, p-please don't kick F-Flippy."

Lifty gave her a grin, "He deserved it."

Flippy glared, "How? How the hell did I deserve that?"

"Because, my dear friend, you are a prick."

That set off Flippy. The two started to argue and got majorly loud and violent with their curses and threats. Flaky mumbled, "G-guys, stop. . ."

No response from either.

She tried again louder, "Guys, stop."

Again, no response.

So, standing up and taking a deep breath, Flaky yelled, "GUYS, STOP!".

That got the two males attention as they both muttered, "Sorry, Flaky".

Flaky huffed and looked at them, "Hug."

"You can't be fucking serious" groaned Lifty

But she was serious. Fucking serious in fact.

The two grimaced and gave a quick split-second hug and stepped away from each other. Flaky smiled happily, "Good! Now let's get going, the park is gonna close soon".

And right on cue, an announcement sounded throughout the park, "THE PARK IS NOW CLOSING, THANK YOU FOR.COMING. WE HOPE YOUR EXPERIENCE HERE WAS A FUN AND MEMORABLE ONE!!!". The group gathered their trash, throwing it away, and made their way to the exit and to Flaky's car. Lifty was grinning wide for a reason.

That reason?

Little did Flaky or Flippy knew when the two guys hugged, Lifty had snatched the soldier's wallet and pocketed it. Grinning like the thief he was, Lifty whistled a tune and followed the other two.

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