Criminal Love

After yet another failed robbery, Shifty kicks Lifty out in anger, with nowhere to go, Lifty doesn't know what else to do, but can a certain red-haired girl change him for the better and show him there is more to life than stealing?


3. Best Frenemies

"Nice talk with that pink-haired bimbo, huh?" growled Lifty, who had overheard what Giggles had said about him and his brother

"I-It's not nice to call people n-names," said Flaky, who walked over and sat next to the bored thief

"Yeah, yeah, whatever you say" grumbled Lifty, who stretched his arms and legs to bring feeling back into the sleeping joints. 

Flaky chose not to answer Lifty as she stared at the clock when suddenly she shot up as though she was shocked. She had forgotten all about what she had to do today, and she was late.

"Oh! I have to go!" yelped Flaky, as she struggled to get her shoes on and grab her car keys from the counter.

Lifty got up and followed the redhead out of the house, barely catching up to her before she got into her car, "Whoa, whoa, what's the problem? Where's the fire?"

Flaky slowed down, "I-I just remember I promise Flippy that I would hang out with him today and with everything that has happened today, with you, I totally forgot"

After grumbling how Flippy need to fuck off, Lifty jumped in the passenger seat of Flaky's car, unofficially inviting himself to the hang out day. Flaky shrugged, realizing it would do some good to bring the thief along and maybe see if Flippy could help him become a better person.

So they drove off and made their way to the war vet's house.




They made it to Flippy's house and Lifty stayed in the car while Flaky walked up to the house and rang the doorbell. After a few minutes, Flippy emerged in the doorway as it opened. He smiled as he saw his friend.

"Hey, Flakes, I was wondering when you'd show up!" smiled Flippy

"Sorry I was l-late, I had to deal with s-some stuff" stuttered Flaky

Flippy chuckled at his friend's usual nervousness, "Well, as long as we get to hang out today, I'm happy!"

"I have a friend joining us too"

"The more the merrier- What the hell?"

Flippy's cheerful smile turned into a frown as he saw Lifty sitting in the car, "Why is that thief here?"

"He's the friend I mentioned, Lifty's staying with me until his brother allows him back to his house, and" Flaky looked at Flippy, "I was hoping you could help him"

Flippy looked confused, "Help him? Help him how?"

"Teach him to be good, to not steal" 

"I'll try, but I'm pretty sure Lifty's gonna be a lost cause", shrugged Flippy

"A-at least try" pleaded Flaky

After the two agreed to try and help Lifty, they got back into the car, and Flaky asked the two males where they wanted to go, Lifty suggested a movie, but Flippy said that was lame. 

So Flaky decided that they could go to the town's carnival. So to the carnival they went.

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