Looking to the future

Ashton Fletcher Irwin lives a rough life. Many don't know about it, not even his closest mates. But he likes it this way because he knows this way he wouldn't be shown any pity. Instead he focuses on his brother and sister, his band, and the new girl. But nonetheless he's bound to face his horrible past, in which he's spent his ENTIRE life avoiding. can he overcome it all to be able to live his future in peace??


3. part two : welcome Mikey & unexpected arrivals

Luckily, his house isn't too far from the school. So, I get there in less than 15 minutes. I find Luke and Michael talking in the living room.

"Hey." I say while still trying to catch my breath.

"Hey Ashton. Where've you been?"

"Got held up in bio. Nothing important." I look at Michael. "How you doing, mate."

"I'm good." He nods.

"So, are you ready?"

"I'm pretty nervous. But I'm as ready as I'll ever be."

"There's nothing to worry about. You'll be great Mikey." Luke chimes in.


I plaster a smile on my face. "Exactly what he said. We'll be doing this whole shabang in Luke's basement." He carries along his guitar while I lead the way to a door next to the laundry room.

To my suprise, we see Lukes mom standing there holding a basket of clothes. "Oh! Hey boys."

I smile. "Hi liz." Me and Michael say at the same time. How does he know her?

"I didn't know practice was today." She says with a confused expression.

"It was kind of unexpected, mom."

"Oh. Alright then. I'll get out of your way now. I have other things to do, like fold Luke's under-"

"Mom!" We all turn to luke, who's face was as red as a tomato. Liz laughs and steps aside. I just send a smile her way before continuing down the steps. Once inside the basement me and luke head to the over-used couch and sit, while also waiting for Michael to set up his guitar.

"So...your mom still folds your underwear?" I tease.

"Shut up." He crosses his arms in front of his chest. At first I thought he was mad but a smile finally settles onto his lips. It took Michael several minutes before he was completely ready to play. He clears his throat and speaks very clearly into the microphone.

"This is Holiday by Green Day." He starts the song.

Long gone was the nervous Michael, but instead a more confident person had took his place. Half way through the song I look towards Luke because at that moment I realized that I was wrong about Michael. He had been what we were looking for. I listen closely to his playing, sounding perfect on each note and not to mention his voice. He's pretty talented, something our band definitely needs.

"Was that good?" He asks after finishing up the song.

"Good? Michael that was amazing!" Luke blurts out. Michael looks at me, waiting for an answer.

"I'd say, welcome to the band mate." A smile appears, enough to show how much he wanted to be a part of this band. Luke stands up and walks to the second microphone.

"Come on, Ashton." I make my way to the drum set and grab my drumsticks.


"Okay. Michael do you know Good Charlotte?"

"Who doesn't?"

"Okay we'll play my favorite song from their album." I already knew the song so I patiently sat as they conversed about the song. Thet both nod at me and Michael starts off the song. When we get halfway through the song, I stop my drumming.

"I don't like it." I say honestly.

"Yeah. I know what you mean Ash. I was thinking the same thing." Michael looks from me to Luke.

"Does this mean I'm not in the band?"

"No! Your playing is great. It's just that our sound is off. You know?" I say while trying to figure out what we're missing.

"Right. Right. You guys probably want a bassist. I think that's the sound you're missing." I think about how true it was.

"That's just it! We need a bassist! Michael you're a genius!" I exclaim. But my excitement doesn't last long as I realize we don't know any bassists. As if Michael read my mind, he says he knows a guy that can play.

"Would you talk to him?" I say excitedly.

"Yeah. I can text him, actually." He takes out his phone and texts the mysterious bass player. Less then a minute later Michael is providing the stranger with Luke's address.

Luke's mom walks into the basement looking at the three of us. "Hey boys. What are you up to?"

"Nothing. Just waiting on a friend."

"Oh. Okay. You guys hungry?"

"Starving!" We all say in unison making Liz laugh.

"Great. Dinner will be ready in an hour." She walks back up the steps and exits the basement. I check the time.

"It's been almost 30 minutes. Is he coming?" "He said he was." Before Michael could text the bass player about his wherabouts, we hear the door bell ring. We all run upstairs and Luke was the one to open the door.

His face falls. "Luke? You okay?" Without looking away from the guy on his porch, he responds, "No."

"Do you guys know each other?" Mikey asks.

Luke breaks eye contact with the guy to look at me.

"Ashton. Meet my ex-girlfriend's new lover."

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