Glamazon In Paris

What happens when you start modeling?
When Elodie moves from London to Paris she assumes her climb to fame in the modeling world will be easy , but it isn't as it seems.


1. Cast for Glamazon in Paris



Glamazon In Paris-Cast

1 -Info: Elle Fanning is one of my favourite actresses simply because her style of acting to me has always stood out as unique and she always pays the most interesting roles , she has worked in many films including Maleficent , Neon Demon and is currently working on Maleficent 2  which I am so excited for .

Why I chose her: Elle like I mentioned before really takes acting to a different level with the personality's she portrays throughout films , this truly strikes me as a work of art  and it also helps that she is tall for a woman at 5/9 She is perfect for the role of Elodie! 



2-Info : Emily Browning is also a favourite actress of mine , she had been in many of my favourite movies , the uninvited , Sucker Punch and  Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events plus many more including tv shows like American gods and Blonde a tv film about the iconic Marilyn Monroe! 

Why I Chose her: Emily browning's style of acting is always on point and always makes me want to push her further with acting because she is so believable in her roles.


Info :valérie Lemercier is a famous French actress/model who had landed roles in many popular films including Le visituers, Monte Carlo and little Nicholas. She has worked also with the likes of Jean Reno and Selena Gomez!

Why I chose her:Valerie is extremely gifted in acting and is always on point , she also is of French decent and an ex supermodel at 5 foot 10 , an impressive height for a French woman( for the record French woman are usually very small)! 


Elodie/EL played by Elle Fanning- Elodie at 18 moves from London to Paris to gain a job within modeling , but with all the other girls practically itching for Elodie's dream job can she get in? Elodie always stays focused on her ambitions and always tries to achieve her dreams but when bills come to bills Elodie truly struggles to keep her emotions under control.


Betty/Played by Emily Browning - Betty age 19 is extremely shy but has a lot of confidence underneath it all , at only five foot one the modeling community is not interested in her until they realize her photography skills and designing skills and instead becomes a  worker on modeling sets , however she still dreams about becoming a super mode.






Madame Arc / Maryse Arc played by valérie Lemercier - Madame arc is the strict owner and co founder of the magasine and modeling company Glamazons De Paris , she constantly puts her foot down upon the models who don't "take modeling seriously enough to earn the respect from herself an others" . She finds people who come into modeling new irritating but trains them well in order for them to succeed , she however does not treat them as though they are humans .




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