i can be your angle or yuor devil

I’m not entirely sure when Soul Eater takes place, so this isn’t that far fetched. Who am I kidding I just wanted to make this happen.


Author's note

Really hope this isn’t abysmal!

2. assumptions make an ass of random religious chick

She was not scared! She was lost, but her mobile had service and she would soon be free of London's extensive alleyways. The professional atmosphere she usually carried was shattered, as were her glasses. Even if she couldn't see ten feet in front of her, she could see her map, and that was all she needed.

The young woman clacked on her heels through the narrow streets and prayed for an escape to arrive sooner. With her eyes glued to the glowing screen in her hand, she didn't notice the pairs of red lights blinking out at her from a doorway. She glanced up and noticed that she had come to an intersection in the alleys; she stopped out of habit. The clicking of her shoes didn't stop.

Before the businesswoman could scream, the noise increased in volume and speed. She succumbed to unconsciousness after a heavy blow to her head.

As her eyes blinked open, the young woman first noticed the blood in her mouth. Second was the blood saturating the body of an eviscerated man, not even two meters away from where she sat. The terror locked up her throat, and she could only watch horrified as a strange blue white ball rose from his ruined chest. A clattering noise drew her attention, and she noticed a dark hulking shape moving with a familiar sound. Even without her glasses, the weak electric lights in the building they were in showed her too much of the other living thing in the room.

It was vaguely egg shaped, from what she could tell, and colored like human muscle. It had... legs. Too many legs. They were jointed and tapered to a pinkish point. The woman was reminded of a spider, but the abomination before her was nowhere near as safe looking as an arachnid. Worst of all was its head. It clacked forward on its near infinite limbs and dipped down towards the glowing orb. As it ducked within the businesswoman's range of clarity, she wished she could scream.

The misshapen sphere was distorted and lumpy, like bones had been stretched to and past the breaking point, being pushed out and up by an unstoppable force. The thing had blotches of bloody tan skin across what could be called its face that looked torn and peeling. Worst of all were its eyes. It had four sets of human eyes bulging out from the middle of its head. They were bloodshot and dry and flickered around the space as if they couldn't bear to look at any of it. The irises swelled with blood and were colored a dark red. When the thing's massive jaw unhinged from below and scooped the orb into its maw, the eyes glowed with an unnatural light.

The young professional whimpered out all the prayers and pleas she knew to her lord up above to please save her, send her help, let her live! The demon managed to focus most of its eyes on her and approached, intent on letting her join the man on the floor. One of the legs clicked right up next to her calf and the young woman managed to gather enough air to let out an ear-piercing scream.

Suddenly there was a shattering noise and the empty room flooded with light. Her eyes adjusted and she was graced with a vision of her savior. Standing over the glittering remains of what must have been a painted over window was a boy in white. From his hair to his skin to his clothing, the child was a snow pure white or a regal silver. There was no doubt that this was the angel God had sent to rescue her.

In his hands was the instrument of the monsters destruction: a large black scythe. The lord had sent one of his children armed with the weapon of death itself to defend her, a sinner. She couldn't believe this was happening. But the creature turned and skittered violently towards this intruder, striking and throwing her sideways in the process. She watched in awe as the boy jumped over a striking leg, and kept going. If she questioned it before, she now knew that her rescuer was an angel. He just flew!

Get away!

The voice was high and panicked. It had a metallic quality to it, almost otherworldly. The gleaming black blade slid through the air and sliced off a couple limbs that strayed too close to the child. He vaulted out of range with using the pole of the scythe and flipped to his feet with grace. As the spiderlike monster scrambled towards the angel the voice came again.

Please run and get the police! Get out of here!

The distortion of the voice reached a peak when the weapon was swung through a few more wandering legs. She couldn't see the expression on the white face of the boy, but the desperation heard in the supernatural voice of her savior was enough to make her stumble to her feet and run for help. After she picked her way through the spattered glass, the young woman turned in time to watch her angelic rescuer send the creature flying with a flash of light from the palm not occupied with the great scythe.

Her angel launched himself forward and buried the blade into the malformed head. The terrifying being blackened and then almost unraveled. The only thing to show it had existed was the weapon sunk into the floor and a hazy pinprick of red in the building. The businesswoman faced away and rand as fast as she could for anyone to bring help. She heard crunching glass and a familiar voice behind her and already knew that when she returned, nothing but the man's body would remain in the abandoned building. As she sprinted for civilization, her trembling voice spoke up, if only to herself.

"I met an angel bearing death's scythe..."

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