The mysterious girl


1. Ava

It was a crisp autumn day the birds still chirping and the sunlight shining on my face. It was just perfect I laid up and t my throat was dry and that I was hungry. So I walk down the steps to the kitchen to make eggs and toast. But to my surprise my mother Cathrin made breakfast she made pancakes I sat down and she put a plate of buttermilk pancakes in front of me with a side of orange juice I was so happy my mouth was filled with delight as I put the pancakes in my mouth it was so good. When I was fully done eating I decided to get ready I wore a blue tank top with shorts. I grabbed my phone went back down stairs and told mom I was going to kasity's house and then I left. Kasity greeted me with happiness but to happy for my case. We walked down stairs and did a how well do you know your mom and one of the questions was how's you're relationship with you mother I got upset and said I don't want to answer. Finally kasity after 2 hours clawed it out of me and I started telling her  I told her that me and my moms was bad because we never talk to each other and when we do we fight she said next time we fight I'm getting kicked out of the house. Oh god kasity stutters well how about we look online for a roommate. Ok I thought and we went on many website until I saw a girl who needed one so I agreed. The girls request was like calling to me so I had to do it. Kasity agreed and we sent a email to tell her I want to be her roommate. While we waited we watched a movie and ate popcorn. When it was eleven I decided to check my phone she didn't answer but my mother did call. So I called her back she answered saying she wanted me to move out in a week because she wanted me to leave her life so I went to pack my bags and left to sleep at kasity's house. She was so worried but we both fell asleep from stress.

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