A New Beginning

Kelsey is abused by her father. She goes to move in with her cousins, Sodapop, Darry, and Ponyboy. But what will she do when she finds out she has feelings for another gang member?


1. Chapter One

Kelsey’s P.O.V.

I hate it when he drinks. I hate it. "Goddammit, dad! You don't care about anyone but yourself! Have you ever even thought about how your drinking affects my life?" I yelled in his face. He was pissed. I know that he has always hated me. He pushed me to the floor and kicked me in my side. I yelped in pain as he took a drink of the beer he had been holding. I took the opportunity to make a run for it. I bolted out the door but before I even got to the street, I heard him yell, "Yeah, bitch! I never want to see you again!" He slammed the door.

I ran for at least ten minutes without stopping. When I eventually did stop, I realized I had no idea where I was going. I figured I could just head to my cousins, the Curtis's, house. I hadn't seen any of the gang in six months because my dad locked me in my bedroom. When they all came looking for me, my dad told them that I never wanted to see them again. After about two months, they stopped coming. I was heartbroken. They actually believed him. When I arrived at the house, I ran through the gate and through the door. I shut the door and sat down against it with my head resting on my knees. "Kelsey?" I heard Soda ask. I slapped a fake smile on my face and looked up. "Hey, Sodapop. Hey everyone." Everyone was staring at me. I tried to stand up, but my side had given out.

Darry came running to help me. "What happened Kelsey?" I felt my cheeks turn hot. "My dad, he uh, he pushed me to the ground, and he uh, he kicked me in my side." I stared at the ground, being careful not to look anyone in the eyes. When I looked up, everyone was looking at me with a concerned expression. Then, Steve walked in the door. "Well, look at that! The bitch came back! Couldn't stand not seein' us ever again?" Everyone looked at me. "Steve, I wanted to come. There was never a time in the past six months that I didn't want to come back to see ya guys!" I was on the verge of tears. Two-bit looked at me with a puzzled look on his face. "Wait, but your dad said that-" I stopped him. "Wow. You guys actually believed my dad?" I laughed a little, but only to try and keep myself from crying. It didn't work. I started crying. Soda approached me. "Awe Kelsey! I'm sorry. I should have known something was up." He enveloped me in a hug.

"Hey Darry, do you mind if I crash here tonight?" I asked hoping the answer was yes because I didn't want to go back home. "Sure, but you'll have to sleep on the couch tonight." He said smiling. I sat down on the couch.

About an hour later, Steve and Johnny left. "I'm heading to bed, Sodapop, Ponyboy, you two should do the same," Darry said as he yawned and headed into his bedroom. Dally and Two-bit were still here so I figured they were sleeping here also. I fell asleep in a few moments.


Sorry for the extremely short chapter. I will try to make the chapters in the future longer. Please tell me what you think of the first chapter and give feedback! Also, any ideas for the story will be taken into consideration so please message or comment any ideas! Thank you!


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