Finding her

How would you feel when you finally admit your love for someone and they admit it back, only for time to mess up and take them away from you? Broken? Lost? Brandon, felt the same way and it didn’t help him that he was not in the same time, literally.
He set out to find the one he truly loves and was lost due to a rookie mistake, well according to her it was a rookie mistake.
Will he able to find her in this new time? And if he finds her, will he be able to make her remember?
Embark on a journey with love, fun, friendship and some big scientific words.


17. Author's Note


Hey readers,

i just want to thank all of you for viewing my story and today i have reached 1000 views. Like i didn't know that my story would be loved so much.

So, thank you all of you. Please comment on your favorite parts and you may ask Questions to the characters because i want to set up a Q/A between them. It will be funny i promise. But keep viewing, follow me and my story and thanks a lot.




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