Melee warrior

Qin Yuan, the super soldier, returned to the metropolis and revealed the mystery of the year. Once the famous soldier of the world, let all people be impressed!


20. Party

Because Ye Yunman is inconvenient to wear, Qin Yuan is responsible for driving. Ye Yunman was still a bit suspicious at first. I don't know if he will drive.

Qin Yuan smiled, did not explain too much, stepped on the pedal, stepped on the accelerator pedal, and made a beautiful drift. The sports car was very noisy and disappeared.

When he was in the army, let alone a car, it was a giant ship, a tank, a ship, and so on. He can also easily control it. For soldiers with very low fighting power, this is just a pediatrics.

Ten minutes later, under the guidance of Ye Yunman, the sports car parked in a parking lot called the Emperor Building in the city center.

At the end of the trip, Qin Yuan looked up at the lights and ran into a huge building.

"The strength of your company does not seem to be bad." Qin Yuan shrugged and said.

"Of course, the Emperor Group is a Fortune 500 company, very powerful. It is only a branch. The company at Yanjing headquarters is very spectacular. The reception work is almost the same." Ye Yunman said softly. Then a pair of snow white squatting on Qin Yuan, revealing the attitude of a happy little woman.

Qin Yuan did not care, followed Ye Yunman into the building and took a special elevator to reach the roof.

Out of the elevator, the security guards at the entrance checkpoint saw Ye Yunman's appearance, and all the eyes suddenly lit up, revealing a forced state.

"Ye Dong, you are coming!" politely said, a strong security guard. When he saw Ye Yunman’s Qin Yuan armored Qin Yuan, he suddenly appeared. He has never seen Ye Yunman, he brought this person together. When I came to the reception to see this action, the relationship between the two seemed very close.

"Yeah." Ye Yunman replied softly. In front of outsiders, she is always in a cold state, but her hands have never been released.

"Open the door and let Ye Dong enter."

Two security guards consciously opened the front glass door with a slightly lower head. They did not dare to look at Qin Yuan and two people.

Qin Yuan looked at Ye Yunman inadvertently. He has a hunch that the reception should not be too smooth.

As soon as he entered the door, he immediately heard the fragrant aroma filled all over the corner, exuding gorgeous, luxurious and melodious music. This is a world that many people will never enter.

This is a room that seems to float in the night sky. The walls are all transparent glass. Through the glass, it overlooks the neon lights of the city. It is beautiful.

The center is a circular staircase made of precious jade and jade jade. There is a white piano and a separate chair in the center. The guests are spinning slowly, talking and dancing. There are ten places on the edge. Several sofa seats.

"Man more." Qin Yuan stood at the door and looked at the various men and women in the hall. He is the first time to participate in such a high-level cocktail party as a guest.

“The company’s top management has been invited. It is rumored that many senior officials have also been sent to the Beijing headquarters. Of course, there are many people.” Ye Yunman explained that she is already familiar with this scenario and is not surprised.

"Hey, little bastard, it's worthwhile. You see, here are sexy and beautiful women, you can enjoy it slowly." Ye Yunman said with a smile.

Qin Yuan smiled. In fact, the proportion of men and women in the hall is out of balance. More than 70% of them are women. Everyone wears a grand and luxurious dress. It is bright and elegant with luxurious lighting and tens of thousands of styles.

"They are very beautiful, just a star. You are the most beautiful moon tonight." Qin Yuan said that he is very comfortable and flattering.

Sure enough, when he heard Qin Yuan, Ye Yunman could not wait to kiss him. This man is sometimes very cute.

Ye Yunman's stunningness quickly attracted the attention of many people. Indeed, regardless of his appearance or temperament, Ye Yunman has burst into the streets of celebrities who have made up many makeups. 

Many of them here are high-level figures of the Emperor Group. They naturally know Ye Yunman. When they are amazed, they are more interested in the men next to her. 

The name of the beauty of icebergs has spread throughout the entire city of Xiacheng. The sons of countless aristocrats in these years want to get in touch with Ye Yunman’s Fang Ze, but both have eaten closed doors. Some people even suspect that Ye Yunman’s sexual orientation is problematic. How can it withstand the continuous pursuit. 

Qin Yuan keenly noticed that many strange eyes looked at him. He thought that this male companion was not good. He could clearly feel that many of them were hostile. 

Just when the two were preparing to find a place to sit down, a handsome young man with bright sunshine came in from the door with an elegant pace. 

The young man was dressed in a bright silver suit and was unique in the whole party. His skin was pure and white, enough to make countless women jealous. His body exudes a sense of pride and a sense of distance. . 

"Yun Yunman, how come she did not say hello, so that I can go downstairs to pick you up." The young man strode over to this side, cheerful smile, a pair of eyes unbridled Ye Yunman, burst into flames . 

Ye Yunman heard the sound, his body suddenly slammed, Qin Yuan did not pay attention behind him, the whole person posted directly up, whoever expected a hand just on Ye Yunman's sexy hip. 

Qin Yuan subconsciously pinched about Ye Yunman's buttocks, an indescribable smooth feeling came from the palm of the hand, a certain part of Qin Yuan shamefully has a hint of reaction. 

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