The Dream Life.

I took a quiz on what One Direction member I suit most. I won Louis, coincidentally he is my favourite. The quiz came with a story of how we met and all the rest. So I wrote it on here. It is just for fun and if you read it I hope you like it!


1. How We Met

Louis William Tomlinson, my winner for the quiz I took. For which one direction member I suit. It also comes with a story, this is it-

My age: 19

My boyfriend/crush: Louis William Tomlinson.

Like a brother to me: Zayn Javadd Malik

My bestfriend: Scarlett and Niall James Horan.

My secret Admirer: Harry Edward Styles.

My Enemy: Liam James Payne.

What me and Louis call each other-

Him: Love, Bunny, Babe

Me: Lou, Babe, Boo

How we meet-

I was so exited to be travelling to England with my best friend Scarlett. We were going on a month vacation and it’s going to be so much fun! Scarlett kept trying me to find a guy but I was scared because only a month earlier I found out that my boyfriend of three years was cheating on me with my cousin. Anyways it was our first day in England and we had just finished settling in our vacation home.

‘Hey Chloe, wanna go to the park?’

‘Sure Scarlett, just let me get dressed!’

‘Kay, meet me downstairs in 20.’

‘Will do girly!’ I yelled downstairs.

I ran to my room and started digging through my clothes looking for something sweet and casual to wear. When I finally decided my outfit it was half an hour later.

I ran downstairs put on my striped cardigan, grabbed my purse, my phone and headed out the door with Scarlett. I jumped in the passenger seat of the car as Scarlett put the car into gear. She drove about 25 minutes before we arrived at the local park. Scarlett and I found a nice shady spot under a tree and we laid back and looked at the clouds.

‘Hey Chloe.’

‘Huh, what is it?’

‘Check it out!’ She said pointing straight infront of her.

I looked in that direction and I saw five good looking guys playing football. There was one with short black hair with a strip of blonde and hazel eyes. He was dressed casual. The second had short brown hair and dark chocolate eyes. He was dressed in plaid. The third had curly brown hair and emerald green eyes. He was wearing a blazer. The forth had spiky like blonde and brown hair and baby blue eyes. Then I saw him, the last boy had light brown swooshy like hair and bright ocean blue eyes. He was so cute and he was wearing a white and red striped shirt with suspenders, and red pants. I noticed him smiling at me so I blushed and quickly looked away.

‘You likes him don’t you Chloe?’

‘Hum, What are you talking about?’

‘You like stripes don’t you?’

‘Alright yes he is cute, but I’m scared to fall for another guy.’ Scarlett

‘Well don’t worry girly. I like curly by the way.’

‘What are we going to nickname the other boys?’ I asked laughing.

‘Plaid, Blondie and Sexy!’ Scarlett replied.

‘Nice Scarlett!’

‘Thanks Chloe.’ She said laughing this time.

We continued with what we had been doing and were now lying on our stomachs. Suddenly I felt something hard hit my head.

‘Ow!’ I said rubbing me head noticing the football rolling away.

‘I’m so sorry love.’ I heard a gorgeous British accent say.

I flipped myself over and saw stripes looking down at me. I looked over at my friend but she was to busy listening to music with her headphones in.

‘Are you alright miss?’

‘Oh yeah, I’m ok, not hurt or anything so.’

‘Well I’m louis. A beautiful girl like you must have a name!’

I blushed ‘I’m Chloe.’

‘Pretty name, prettier girl!’

I blushed harder ‘Thanks!’

‘So what are you doing in town?’

‘Oh my friend and me are staying here for a month to see if we like it. If we do we’re going to move down here.’

‘Oh well, how about you and your friend come join us in a game of football?’

‘I’m sorry but i-i can’t’ I started crying.

‘Love what’s wrong?’ Louis said putting his arm around my shoulders.

‘It’s just that I’m scared to even talk to you.’

‘Why love?’

‘Well less then a month ago I found my boyfriend of 3 years cheating on me with my cousin.’

‘Awe love nobody deserves to be treated like that. But you can trust me and the lads!’

‘Thanks Louis.’

‘So does that mean you will come and play with us?’

‘Sure but Won’t that make the teams unfair?’

‘No because my friend Zayn’s girlfriend Perry is coming.’

‘Which ones Zayn?’ I asked.

He pointed to Sexy. He said that curlys name was Harry, blondes name was Niall and Plaids name was Liam.

‘Just a quick question, is Harry single?’

‘Yeah why?’

‘Because Scarlett likes him a lot!’

‘Really well he was looking at her earlier so I think he likes her. How old is she?’

‘She’s 19. Same as me. Hey Scarlett!’ I said shaking her until she took out her headphones.

‘Huh what is it?’

‘Want to play a game of football with the guys?’

‘Sure but what guys?’ She Asked confused.

‘The ones we saw earlier!’

‘You mean Curly!’

‘Yes, with curly.’ I said laughing.

‘Let’s go!’

Scarlett and I jumped up and followed Louis back to his friends they were all staring at us weird.

‘Liam, Zayn, Perrie, Harry and Niall these are Chloe and Scarlett.’

‘Hey nice to meet you’ Said Liam.

‘Okay, the teams will me myself, Chloe, Zayn and Perrie against Harry, Scarlett, Niall and Liam.’

We played for about an hour and our team won by three points. We then all went back and sat under a tree and got to know each other. Soon it was time for me and Scarlett to leave. As we were leaving Louis stopped me.

‘Chloe wait!’

‘Oh what is it Louis?’

‘Here’s my number so call me. I want to take you out tomorrow to make it up to you!’

‘Are you asking me on a date?’

‘Depends, is it a yes?’

‘Sure, that sound awesome!’

‘Then its a date! Pick you up tomorrow at 1?’

‘Sure here’s my address.’

‘See you tomorrow.’ He said kissing my cheek lightly making me blush.

‘See you tomorrow Louis!’

When I got back to the car I saw Scarlett Smirking at me.


‘Nothing, just someone’s got a crush!’

‘More then a crush, more like love at first sight!’

‘Are you serious?’

‘Yes, I’m being serious I think I’m in love with Louis!’

‘Awe, Chloe is in love!’

We got back to our place and I wandered right upstairs, lied on my bed and thought about Louis.

End of chapter 1.

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