Undo (A Nerd's Life)

She is not pretty, She is a nerd, loner, and nobody likes her but what if one day she a new student came and she was chosen by a teacher to show the new student but one guy caught her eyes but she didn't know that he is one of the Cassanova who broke a lot's of girls heart Will he completely fall for her or she will fall for him?

This Is A Story About A Nerd Named Zylie Rose Aerondale.


1. Chapter 1: The Aerondale Family

Samantha's Point Of View 

Hi, my name is Samantha Rose Aerondale, known as the bookworm, slut, whore and the school nerd, you wanna know the reason why they call me that names it's because I'm ugly, a nerd and no one wants to be friend with me because I hang out in the library every lunch and recess, avoiding any drama's but it's okay, I'm used to it, I Mean Like it's life, you really can't escape haters and people who don't accept you.

"Sam! are you awake!" my mum called "Yes! I'm coming!" I Said, I stopped reading and wear my bunny slippers, don't judge they are adorable but before I could walk, I tripped and I landed on my face

"ahh!!" I cried and suddenly someone burst into my door, I look up and saw my only older brother, looking around with a spatula in hand

"Sam!! Are you okay? Did someone got in and stole some stuff? Did someone rape you? Tell me?" He said, wow.. Really rape? Bro that's impossible. -_-

I stood up "Erm, I just tripped and what are you doing with a spatula, are you sure you can hurt someone with that?" I asked, raising my eyebrows, his eyebrows furrowed and he glared at me "Tch" he clicked his tongue and he walked away "rude much?" I ask and that is my brother Alexander James Aerondale known as Zander Aerondale, my amazing rude brother. -_-

"yeah whatever, come down here," he said, groaning, I shook my head and I went down the stair just to be attacked by my lovely dalmatian puppy, Cholo

I giggled and pick me him up as he starts to lick my cheeks "Cholo, that's enough" I giggled and he whimpered while looking at me with those cute brown eyes 

"Aww, you adorable little fluff, mommy is gonna take you to the park later," I said, kissing his forehead and he barks, I went to put him down on the floor carefully, I put some dog food on his food bowl and a water on his water bowl.

"You really love animals, do you?" my brother said as he ruffled his hair "yeah, unlike you" I replied, yawning. He glared at me and tries to hit me with the spatula but instead, he hugged me when mom turned to us, smiling sweetly, so I stick my tongue out at him, he groaned and I giggled. 

"Good morning, my baby girl and boy," mom said as she went past us, putting some pancakes on our pates

"Morning" Me and my brother said at the same time, I sat down on the table and I start to eat my pancakes, I look at my mom and my brother, I'm lucky to have them, but my brother can be a d*ckhead sometimes and he loves to embarrass me to his friends but it's okay,I'm used to it. 

"baby girl, did you already buy school supplies?" my mum asked "Nope, I'm gonna walk Cholo in the park later and maybe I can go to the shop and buy some stuff, I also need to buy some dog food" I smiled "Do you have enough money for that?" mum asked and I nod "she's lying mum, she has a boyfriend and she wants to meet up with him" my brother said making my eyes widen, my mum looked at me "mum, It's not true" I said and she just giggled "who's the lucky guy?" she asked, smiling "mum, I told you, he's lying" I groaned "whatever you say young lady" my mum replied, I rolled my eyes and finish my breakfast, I glare at my brother and he just smirked at me "asshole" I mumbled as I put dishes in the sink and walk upstairs, I can hear my mum and brother laughing 

"Mom! Bro! It's not funny" I said and they laugh even louder so I just went upstairs with Cholo following me.

I changed into my blue exorcist hoodie and a pair of jeans, I didn't bother to brush my hair, I grab Cholo's lead and I attached it to his collar and walk back downstairs, after I wore my sneakers my brother came down, I look at him 

"where are you going?" mom asks "I'm coming with her, mom" he grinned "But-.." 

"I'm sure she's gonna be somewhere, hanging out with those gangs in the alleys so I'm coming with her in case if she really hangs out with bad people," my brother said and my mom looked at me, Disappointed..Oh uh...

"I'm gonna talk to you later about that young lady," my mum said "O-Okay" I replied "Bye mum," Alex said, smiling "bye" I whimpered when we're outside my brother winked at me "Gotcha" "Yeah f*ck you" I said "I heard that! You're in real trouble Samantha rose" my mum shouted, My brother, smirked.

Huhuuhuhu. I hate him. TT^TT

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