Chasing a Symphony

Born into a rich and well-known family that leads Inu Reiko to live alone in a rich so looking complex normal people call it. Since childhood emotions sealed away..lived a harsh childhood which hunts her every night until a certain gentleman awakes her reality from a long-lasting nightmare. Yet this gentleman hides a secret which might've changed her life completely.


4. ¤•First Day Of School•¤

I never planned to make friends in my sophomore year in high school. More like I'd make many enemies. It was like that at Senko High School where I went for my freshman year. Nothing but glares from the girls. Nothing but bloody drama and stupid nonsense that caused many to hate me and mess with me but of course I remained calm as always not even at home or school or anywhere did I even once cry. I didn't show emotions at school because of that I was called "Reiketsu shi demon" meaning "Cold-blooded death demon". Honestly, I didn't take it as an offense because I am the devil of death moreover so a deadly cold-blooded one with a stone cold heart. It was more of a compliment but how would they know. Before I realized I was midway on the street before the school entrance when I suddenly noticed people looking at me. Do I look weird in this uniform? 

"Hey is she a model?" I heard a girl whispered. Of course, I wasn't.

"She has our same uniform." A boy whispered.

"I know isn't she a hottie?" His friend replied. Of course, this how it started at Senko and before I knew it, everyone, backstabbed me. The boys would use any excuse to go out with me even if they had a girlfriend and before I knew it their girlfriends would already slap me in the face for supposedly leading on their boyfriend when in reality I did nothing. I sighed. I hate this so much. I've already passed the gate when I felt someone grab my hand from behind. I looked back with such a surprised expression that it made me look dumb.

"Huh? Why are you surprised?" He said catching his breath. I let a huge sigh that it made it sound like I was scared for a moment. He laughed. 

"The one who should be surprised should be me! You didn't tell me you were going to this school. I told you to text me."

"Ah, I didn't know your name so I couldn't tell which contact it was." I avoided his eyes so that he wouldn't tell through my lie. Although it was true I didn't know his name.

"Ah, I thought I told you. I guessed I didn't huh?" We were on the school board where it had everyone's name to which class they were in. Ah, class 1-A... 

"What class are you in Reiko." I coughed that I almost choked to death.

"How do you know my name? I don't recall ever telling you." I glared at him.

"Woah! Your information was in your contacts." He was saying as he had his hands raise up ready for a blow. I had a poker face on.

"What you didn't know?" Damn you Seito! He was the one who bought me a phone and set it up in the first place.

"Well, whatever... I'm in class 1-A." I started to walk away.

"Hey! Wait for me." He caught up.

"I'm also in class 1-A. Come to think of it I haven't told you my name yet. My name is Towa Kurosaki."  

"Hmm, I like your name it has the name Kuro." I smiled to myself. I didn't know he was staring at me with such a happy expression but for awhile I've had two girls stare at us with eyes of daggers. I knew the girls weren't friends. One was the girl that was rejected yesterday and the other one probably likes Kurosaki as well. But just because of that I won't let this one friend have to go to waste. I'll treasure it for sure hoping it won't turn out like how the other school did freshman year. The school began, the fall leaves started falling off trees even though I wasn't paying attention to people saying their names in an instant I remembered them. The teacher left us to choose our own seating. I went up to the box up at the front desk and pulled a slip of paper out. It had the number 30 saying at the back by the window. I threw it away. At least it's by the window. I can see the seasons pass by. Kuro went up and I saw him crumple up his paper as soon as he saw it. I wondered why or was it because he had to sit next to someone he disliked. I didn't care. I looked out the window. It's his life, not mine after all.

"Rei-ko!" He said as he smiled at me a very big wide smile. I looked at him with concern. I grabbed his head and forced his forehead on mine.

"Are you okay?" It doesn't seem like you got a fever." Before I knew it the whole class was looking and some other students from other classes that were passing by as well. I let go quickly and rubbed the back of my head.

"Ah sorry it's out of habit." I laughed.

"Pfft haha. That shocked me for a second." he laughed while he was blushing a bit. I didn't know guys could blush too.

"Yeah, I have a brother and a childhood friend. When either one would either act weird, smile way too much or be sick. I'd do that unconsciously but it was because I felt like something was wrong." I looked out the window again embarrassed but It didn't bother me. 

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