Only one winner

Three men, one woman. Only one can win. Can she make a choice that she wont regret?


2. Her and her Choices.

My name is Sharianna Vivian Green. I am 20 years old. Im average height 5,5", i have light chocolate coloured hair that falls in waves until just before my waist. My green eyes sparkle when they catch the light and my friends always told me that my eyes are what people fall for. I am happy go lucky and i believe that has got me through my past. This was all before things happened to me that completely threw me. I no longer know who i am and what and who i want. I was happy until three people came into my life. They are the 'things' that have thrown me. No~ones pov: The first, the one who can give her the world and she likes a lot. But... There is one thing holding her back. She cant love him like he loves her as she is sure he is hiding something from her. A dark secret? Maybe. Who knows? The second she believes she loves yet there are consequences that she needs to face if they can last together. When they met it felt like she was living her dream yet was this life she wanted to live with the one who she thinks she loves be enough for forver or even eternity? Will distance slowly tear them apart if she lives in a small village in England he he from a rich estate in Sydney, Australia? And finally the third. He is believed to spend each night with another girl, breaking hearts. Even though this happens she is irrisistably drawn to him like a moth to a flame. When they are together they complete eachother. Can they both see past their insecurities, put their pasts behind them and start afresh becoming the dream couple or will their differnces seperate them from love? The first problem goes by the name of Denver. The second, Justin and the third Daniel.
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