Thats my sister

Niall Horan is 1/5 of the biggest boy and in the world, and so is Liam Payne. What happens when Liam’s little sister Lana comes to stay for the summer and is introduced to her brothers friends. Will she go home at the end of vacation or will the trip be longer than expected.


2. London

It is the night before I go to London and I’m in my room sat crossed legged on the bed looking at the mess of clothes and my suitcase sprawled on the floor in front of me. Deciding what of it I want to pack to bring with me. I mentally face palm and groan at the thought of having to deal with it. My phone ,which is sat on the bed next to me where I had thrown it down a few minutes ago, vibrated and the screen lit up with one of my favourite pictures of my brother that I had set as his caller ID. It was a photo him that one his fans had taken of him on stage pulling a ridiculously funny face ,it’s honestly hysterical and it annoys him that I have it as his caller Id but I refuse to change it.

I pick up my phone and slide my thumb across the screen to answer. “LIAMMMM” I shout in the most annoying voice I possibly can , “what’s up?” , “not a lot , I’m just making dinner for the boys because apparently I’m the only one that can be bothered to cook in this house” he said in a purposely raised voice , “Oi , I can do but I’m playing fifa” , “yea me too” , “I said I’d help but you didn’t want me to” , I heard a set of familiar voices in the background of our call and I laughed. “Yea whatever you lot” I heard Liam and he laughed too.

“Anyway , have you got everything sorted then?” He asked as I heard him continue doing what he was doing , “Yea everything’s ready , I was just about to get ready for bed.” I answered him. “Ok well I’ll let you get off then, I’ll see you tomorrow Lanie.” , lanie , he calls me that, he always has since we were kids. “alright Payno, I’ll see you tomorrow. Love you. Bye” I said ending the call ,I heard Liam mumble “love you too , see ya” before we both hung up.

After half an hour of tossing this here and that there , I’m finally packed and everything is ready to go. After going through my whole nightly routing I peel back my bed covers and climbed in positioning myself to a satisfactory comfortableness. I plugged my phone in so that It would charge overnight and placed it on the nightstand after checking that my alarm was set correctly. If I missed that train Liam would kill me.


Ayy this chapter is a little longer than the last one. I’m really enjoying writing this so far and I hope you are enjoying reading it. I’m so excited for how this is going to go, I have so many ideas and I can’t wait for you to hear them. ❤️

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