Power pals 6- The scratches

It's half term but the team can't chill, the team goes on a dangerous journey to get an upgrade on their powers and heal John from the Healing Mountain


4. The dream speaks the truth

Hope woke up with the sun gazing at her,  it was a nice sunny day,  she could see from her window. She was in her bedroom. All her stuff was there it was like the time in the woods was a dream,  or was this a dream? 

Hope didn't know but she knew the two big scratches weren't on her arm anymore. But something was different, on her bedside table was a beautiful necklace and bracket. On the necklace was a blue pretty pearl and the Bracelet was made of little beads. Underneath them was a note from her parents saying 'love you hope you enjoy.' 

Hope put them both on but they became tighter, then she knew it was a trap and she saw Victoria in her eye like Victoria could see what she saw. On that moment she woke up to her left arm aching. She looked at her arm which was tied to a block of ice by Hope's jumper and string she used to escape the hole.

'Oh good, you're awake,' Dawn said,  walking to Hope, but Hope just looked at her arm, blood was slowly forming at the side of the box of ice. 

'What happened?' Hope asked, not looking away from her arm.

'Well, you said that your vision was blurry and you fell asleep.' Dawn saw Hope's worried face. 'what's wrong?.'

'I had a strange dream and I feel like it meant something,' Hope said, she looked at Dawn's interested face and she told Dawn about her dream.

'And I saw her in my eyes like I felt she saw what I saw. Is it crazy to feel like that  dream meant something?'

'No,' Dawn said, holding Hope's right hand.

'Yes,' said John, but he didn't say it like he did, but he didn't want to or choose to.

Everyone looked at him with a confused face on, even John was shocked and confused but none of them knew the truth.


Back in the village, Victoria was standing with the devil, they could see everything John saw on a crystal ball.

'Soon, we will know everything and soon we will be able to control them all, not just one!' Victoria said, looking from the crystal ball, which showed what John sees, to other crystal balls with each of the team members name on each crystal ball. They were just waiting.

'Dawn seems to protect Hope and help the team. Go for her next!'

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