Power pals 6- The scratches

It's half term but the team can't chill, the team goes on a dangerous journey to get an upgrade on their powers and heal John from the Healing Mountain


3. The doomed scratch

'Unless you manage to succeed

Then upgrade,  you may proceed, ' Kelly repeated the riddle again and again,  she was sitting next to the hole that Hope was stuck in.

Eventually Hope said 'will you shut, up,'

'Fine but only because I want to hear your master plan to get out.'

Hope looked around she saw three sharp sticks,  which looked like tiny stakes you would use to kill a vampire.  She picked them up,  took off her jumper,  it was warm anyway but she still another piece of string. 

'Kelly...' Hope waited for a response. 'hello?...,'

'hello,  you need some help?' Swift asked.

'yes please open my backpack and get me a sandwich, ' Hope said.

Swift opened Hope's green  bag and found a load of sandwich shaped food wrapped in a paper-like cloth and with a piece of string around it holding it together. Swift grabbed one labeled PS.

He went back to the hole Hope was stuck in and dropped the sandwich for her.

She caught it,  untied the string, tied one end to the three sticks and the other to her jumper. With all her might,  she threw the sticks up to the surface, holding on to her jumper. The sticks stuck into the muddy ground and with one hand holding the sandwich and the other holding the rope she scaled up to the surface. When her arms reached the surface she threw the sandwich on the floor with her left hand which got scratched. 

She took deep breaths but she didn't see it properly until she used her last piece of energy to get herself up. 

Hope couldn't see what scratched her but she saw a huge black claw then it happened. 

She looked at her left arm; two big scratches lay.  Blood dripped from her arm, this was when she lit the fire with a tiny bit of movement from her other hand and the team came in view. 

'You okay? 'Dawn asked. 

For a second Hope's vision went blurry but little did they know,  that was the beginning. 

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