Power pals 6- The scratches

It's half term but the team can't chill, the team goes on a dangerous journey to get an upgrade on their powers and heal John from the Healing Mountain


1. Invincible ice dome

‘It’s the half term, I’m so excited,’ Hope said, to Dawn and Kelly, ‘I’m going to chill out all_’ Their bobbles buzzed and they saw that Sensei Kay sent them a message.

'Hello,  I know you have a week off but that week won't be a week off it will be a week of adventure.'

'Whoever told him we have a week off I will kill,' Hope said. 

'Let's just get changed and go to his house. They all walked to the toilet to get changed.  Dawn and Kelly slowed down. 

'You do know we both need to work together to keep Hope from hurting anyone,' Dawn said quietly to Kelly. Kelly answered with a  nod. 


Dawn and Kelly ran while Hope cycled her own bike to Kay's house. When they were their they found Kay, Swift and John in the front yard. 

'So I know you_' Kay said but he stopped by Dawn who was holding her indeed finger up to say stop. 

'Sorry just wait a sec.' Dawn made an ice dome around Hope so she couldn't get out.

'I can just melt this with my fire power,' Hope said  bursting a small fire from her hand.

Kelly pushed both hands forward like she was pushing something quickly and so it would go far away. 

'Yeah,  good luck with that. I made it ultimately indistructable until I want to undo that.'

Hope glared at Kelly and yelled 'WHAT!' She bashed on the side. 

'Carry on Sensei,' Dawn said.

'Thanks Swift for telling me it's half term_'

'I'm going to kill you both, ' Hope said, pushing every side of the ice dome trying to find a way out. 

'Good luck with that,' John said. 

She glared at him. 

'You guys are going to travel down the wicked woods and survive there until you see a haunted-ish Mansion of power,' Sensei Kay said. 

'What do you mean haunted-ish, is it haunted or not?' Hope asked,  she was now shoving the dome with her shoulder. She backed a few steps and ran at the dome and bashed it with her shoulder.

'Ouch!' She said holding her shoulder. 

'That's a good technique guys,' Swift said to Dawn and Kelly. Who high-fived each other. 

'Yeah, yeah good technique now can you please get me out of the technique,' Hope asked. 

'Promise you won't hurt Swift or now me or Kelly,' Dawn said.

'Yep I promise.' Kelly took off the indistructible layer and Hope slowly melted the ice,  enough for a door for her to get through. As soon she was out she ran at Swift but before she got there she was shot back by a force which she guessed was from John's gravity power which sent her back to the ice dome which Dawn closed up and Kelly made invincible. 

Hope rolled her eyes and leaned onto the wall of the dome.

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