Power pals 6- The scratches

It's half term but the team can't chill, the team goes on a dangerous journey to get an upgrade on their powers and heal John from the Healing Mountain


2. In the hole

'So you need go down these wicked woods, find the Mansion of power where you will get an upgrade on your power.

When you get to the Mansion there's a riddle you each have to solve yourself to get your upgrade. This is it:

'when you make your power come

all the damage is already done

unless you can undo your power inside

you'll feel dead and realise

you'll face danger by trying to upgrade

but by the end you'll be needing an aid

unless you manage to succeed

then upgrade, you may procede.'

I have it written here so you'll remember it,' Sensei Kay said standing with the team in front of the woods. He gave Kelly the piece of paper with the riddle on it. 

'Remind me again why you have a backpack, Hope?' John said. 

'Because I'm a vegan so I brought some vegan foods and a few suppliments,  just to stay healthy,' Hope said. 

'I'll call you all on your bobbles every day.' Sensei said, 'I'll make sure your alright and, I can send each of you one thing. Good luck.'

The team walked into the woods after a few hours of adventuring and after half a bottle of water each, they found a stopping point. Hope put her bags onto the brown dry mud of the floor.

'I'll get fire wood,' Hope said, walking past a few trees and seeing dry wood. 

'You can make a fire out of nothing,' Dawn said, sitting down writing on a piece of paper. 'You have the power of fire.'

'I still need wood to keep it going, ' Hope said. She was now holding a load of wood sticks, so many that she didn't see a slippery piece of mud in front of her. She slipped and fell down a hole which was incredibly deep. 

'Hope? where are you?' Swift said, looking around where he saw her a second ago.

'Swift be careful I slipped and fell in a ditch.'

Swift looked down and saw Hope waving up. 

'That's technically a very deep hole,  not a ditch.'

Hope rolled her eyes and said, 'Don't worry about me I'll get myself out of this very deep hole,  you guys get yourself ready.'

Hope looked around the tiny space she had and murmured, 'it's good I'm not claustrophobic.'

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