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A production of Into The Woods is filled with drama, romance, and PTA arguments about casting. Enjoy!


1. Taylor: Audition


My heart beat like the paws of a cheetah pounding against the ground. My palms were sweating buckets, and I felt nervous tears welling in my eyes. I told myself I’d do great, but didn’t believe it. I’d only practiced in front of people who would never say a bad word about my singing if I paid them, like my parents and my boyfriend, Jesse. The voice of an angel, they said. How then, was it possible for me to have lost numerous main roles to theater newcomers?

I could faintly hear the girl who was in line ahead of me singing, and goddamn, she was better than I was. Every note was perfect. Her voice was high and clear and-

Stop, Taylor. You’re psyching yourself out. Chill. I tried to lose myself in the music playing from my earbuds, All That Jazz from Chicago, which I’d be singing. It was a little risky, doing a song from such a risqué show, but I loved the song. It was a tough song to pull off, and I knew I’d fail, but it was worth a shot.

The girl who was auditioning came out of the music room, and held open the creaky door for me. I strolled in, attempting a casual walk, but probably looking more like someone was digging a knife into the small of my back.

Ms. Koning, who would be directing the show, looked up at me from her notebook. “Taylor, what will you be singing?”

“I’ll be singing “All That Jazz,” from my favorite show, Chicago.” She nodded, and I began to sing. As I did, I tried to get a look at what she was writing in her book, but the table she was sitting at was to far away for me to read. Frustrating, but probably for the best.

When I finished she smiled and then spoke. “You know, most people just did pop songs. I’m glad you sang from a musical. Thank you, parts will be posted on Friday.”

I grinned and thanked her, then left. I was the last person in line to audition, so it was fairly late I the afternoon, meaning Jesse had had to go home, and couldn’t give me a ride. All my friends had left too, leaving me to walk, which I was happy to do.

The show I was hoping to get a main role in was Into the Woods, my favorite show of Sondheim’s. Even if I didn’t get the part of the Baker’s Wife, which I auditioned for, I would be in the ensemble. I wasn’t excited about that possibility, because it would mean spending quite a lot of time backstage - not many good scenes for ensemble in that show. I mulled over the possibility of not getting the Baker’s Wife as I walked home.

I convinced myself that I would be fine with it, but Jesus Christ I want that part.

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