Anna and Harry get married and have kids will they be twins


3. Surprise day

Today was a really unordinary day it all started this morning it was 7:00am and Harry woke me up and gave me a really tight hug and a kiss on the head. We woke the kids and went downstairs to feed them breakfast and we had to watch Paw patrol because of the kids it could tell Harry didn't like it he looked weak


This afternoon I was about to make my self a ham and cheese sandwich until Harry said ``Anna let me make you it'' he never says things like that so he made it me and then after I had finished I went upstairs to do my makeup,hair and get dressed I came downstairs and he went on one knee and said ``Anna will you marry me I love you'' I said happily ``of course I will babe I love you too'' I hugged him and he hugged me back it was really special we spent the whole day with the kids and each other watching kiddie programs until late at night when I watch Coronation street and Eastenders

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