Why Us (edited ver.)

is it safe to fall in love during the apocalypse? to accept feelings when you never when you will die? or how you may survive.


Author's note

this is the edited version of "Why Us." i wouldn't recommend that you read the unedited version, but if you feel like it, then feel free to do so. but this ver. should be better and make more sense. ~2018

1. 1



     I'd been walking around the desolate town for hours. My feet were splintered and freezing from wandering without anything to protect them. My head wouldn't stop spinning. My heart wouldn't stop aching. 

     It hurt to see people limping around, senseless. Only lusting after fresh meat. Fresh meat of people. Craving to rip out a beating human heart.

     For hours, I've been searching for sanctuary. Some place to keep me safe. When I was about to give up, my eyes landed on a broken down motel not far from here. I instantly remembered the place.

     'Mingat Motel.' I thought. 

     Memories of working there sped past my eyes. I shook off the tears from forming and started towards the motel. Once inside, I walked through the abandoned corridors. There were corpses lying about everywhere. Their dead eyes staring into emptiness. But not all were really dead.

     Pain and guilt built up inside me as I swiftly grabbed a pocket knife from my back pocket and stabbed a corpse reaching towards me. I remembered her as one of the ladies that used to work in the daycare center at the motel. She was almost like a mom to me. 

     I took out the knife and wiped the cold blood off my face. A shiver ran down my spine and I starting checking for an open room. One careful footstep in front of the other, I finally found an open room. A sigh escaped my mouth and I walked into the room, locking it behind me. The bag made a soft 'thud' when I set it on a chair next to the bed.

     The bed felt like heaven after being used to sleeping on floors in a sleeping bag. I stared at the ceiling, not being able to close my eyes. Maybe it was because my eyes were starting to get dry, or if my heart ached, but an single tear made its way down my cheek. Another one followed quickly. I couldn't remember how many tears followed that one 'cause my world went dark, a low snore filling the room.


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