Of the Healing Blood

When Anna was eight, she saw her best friend get eaten alive in the woods. It wasn't by a bear or anything else, just something sinister. Anna should've died as well-if not for Ky. Ky is two years older than her, and not human.

Suddenly, Anna is thrust into the world of demons and monsters, where everything is real, and make-believe exists.
There's one catch: Anna's blood can make anything heal instantly, which makes her a target for every demon known to man. And not only that, she doesn't belong to Ky, but to his older brother Shane.


Author's note

To all my wonderful followers who have more patience than I do. I'd like to thank you for sticking to this dumbass writer who's slow to update.

2. Playing hide-and-seek (Anna)

     There are some things that you see, and they change you forever. Whether it's for the good...or for the worst.

     Like that time when you walked in on your parents doing it and you were just six years old. Or that time you were seven and you fell out of a tree. And despite your best friend telling you not to look, you looked at your leg and saw the bone sticking out of your calf.

    Or that horrible time when you thought it would be a good idea to play hide-and-seek with your friend in the woods.

    I know all of this, because they've all happened to me.

    And somehow, I've forgotten every memory of it.



    Eight years before...


     It was a cool autumn day, the leaves dead, and on the yellowed grass. It wasn't cold to where you needed to wear a jacket, but more like a long sleeved sweater. I wore my favorite turtleneck, the bright purple one with a blue heart on it, and my favorite faded jeans. Despite my mother promising me new sneakers, I wore my beat up converse that were once white and now resembled gray.

    What drove me ,and my best friend Jace to ride our bikes on the other side of town, and play hide-and-seek in the woods, where everything appeared dead? (I'm talking about the trees and grass, not, you know, animals.)


    Like right now for example. I was sitting behind a bush, that was behind a tree, that looked like to be covered in moss. Not even the crackling sound of leaves could give me away to Jace, who was a couple yards away, searching for me.

   At least, that's what I thought.

    "Found you!" Jace cried from behind me.

     I jumped up, refusing to scream, and turned to him.

    Jace was grinning, showing off a mouthful of braces. The way he tossed back his head and laughed, made the sun shine in my eyes. I noticed that his messy brown curls were even messier with leaves. His glasses perched on his freckled nose was slanted a bit.

    I wondered what trouble he went through to find me.

  "Jace Waylon Mikaels, you scared the poo out of me!" I said angrily, swiping at the stubborn brown hair that stuck to my cheeks. My long brown hair had been tied back with a ribbon, but my hair is so heavy, it wasn't enough to hold it back.

    "Come on, Anna, don't be such a baby. Besides your it, and it's time for me to hide." he sighed, as he turned to run in the other direction.

      "Oh, and you shouldn't really where that sweater if you're trying to hide, Anna." he called back.

        I hmphed and covered my eyes, as I began to count to one hundred.

      "...88, 89, 90..."

       The sound of someone stepping on leaves pricks my ears. I listen closer, but continue counting.

      "...93, 94, 95,..."

       Someone laughs, but it sounds different than Jace. I falter a bit, but keep my eyes covered.

      "...98, 99, 100. Ready or not, here I come."

       I journey down to the other side of the woods, where  Jace thought it was least likely that I would look for. I looked behind trees, and stick my head in bushes.

       I let out a frustrated growl, and continued on.

       Dang it Jace, you're a really good hider.

     There's an opening in the woods where the leaves haven't completely fallen off the trees. I swipe at my hair again and sigh.

      Suddenly, a faint glow catches my eyes. It's pale, almost white.

      Without thinking, I walk towards it. As I near it, a faint rumble of words hits my ears. There too low, and said together for me to make out though.

      Before I can see what it is, I trip, and fall in a bush. It moves a bit, and tears at my sweater. Annoyed, I'm about to get up, when I hear that noise again, only closer.

     I peek out from the bush, and almost gasp.

     Jace is floating from the ground, his eyes rolled up in the back of his head. His green shirt has been ripped on the left side, his jeans covered in a dark red substance. As I squint, I realize the blood is coming from his arm, where it looks like a bitemark.

     Before I know what's going on, the rumble of words is in the air, and Jace is dropped on the ground like a piece of rotten meat.

      I see an outline of a shadow, and watch as it solidifies. The shadow turns into a black cloak with a hood sticking up, covering something that has no hair, and pointed ears with gray tips. His eyes are closed, but when they open, they 're black with a red line running vertical. He tsks-tsks, and walks around the unconscious Jace.

     "Such a fool, such a fool. I got the scents mixed up, and bit into the wrong child. Although, you do make up for it for being so easy to hunt." the monster says in a dry whisper.

      He crouches down, and sticks his finger in Jace's wound, sticking the said finger in his mouth. He closes his eyes, forcing himself to enjoy it.

     "You're not bad tasting, but I wanted the little girl. Hmm...maybe, I'll just leave you here for now, and take your soul."

      The dark rumble of words come out of his mouth, and Jace begins to glow, the pale white air around him moving slower. In horror, I watch as the monster breathes in that air, and Jace's light goes dim. Once its' gone, the demon licks his lips, and stands up.

     "That was filling, but it's time for me to hunt your friend." 

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