Hope In The Distance

Split from her fiancé, having a child and the father is unknown is Louis Tomlinson the only one who can pull Scarlett through? Or will he do what he believes is right but is so wrong or follow his heart?


1. Thinking Back

It is exactly a year ago that the massive event happened that completely changed my life. I am yet to decide whether it is for better or for worse. Yet i am lucky to be doing what i love. Flashback: I was sitting in church with my soon to be sister in law and her darling daughter, Ava who is two. Life is brilliant, i thought. I am living in my dream. Engaged to the man that saved me from making possibly the worst choice in my life. I am getting married in only three weeks. When church was finished, a boy named Denver stood up. One that i had refused to have anything to do with, very tall and good looking but he uses his looks to get places and girls. To be honest i have no idea why he even turned up at church with the rest of his gang. It doesnt seem the right place for them to just hang out. Yet they have power. People fear them, no-one has the guts to stand up to them. Today i am wearing a red dress that i wasn't very sure about wearing but decided to after being persuaded to by Dawson, my fiancé. Denver spoke. "Scarlett has to leave. She has disobeyed the rules who wears a red dress to church? Its a sign of the devil. Leave. Now." I sit there completely numb. He cant bd serious yet his face says he is. He nodded his head daring me to disobey. There are two guys waiting to deal with me if they nedded to. This is the kind of people that Denver hangs out with. Tears are in my eyes, yet i refuse to let these people break me. I hear a little voice, it is Ava, "I wove you Aunni Wed." Red is my nickname. At that i have to leave. I remove slowly the ring on my finger tearing the connection Dawson and I have. The more the ring moves crom my finger the more distant i have to get from the man i love. I handed it to Dawson the pain he is experiencing shooting through his face. We hold eachother for the last time. When i am no longer in the community then i am not allowed any connection with any of them. I left. I have no idea how but i managed to walk put of the church without looking back. How can i manage to live without the people who i love most. A strength washed over me, calming me. I am determined to prove to Denver that i am not ruled by his actions or himself and his horrible group of humans he claims as friends. With my new mindset i walked home. I sat on the couch and view my options. If i cant be with the ones i love then why stick around? Yet part of me wants to stay. My dream has always been to be a nanny and i guess i didnt have to remain in the UK for that to happen. I have completed my college course and am a qualified nanny - a cook and a house keeper included with the package. ----------- End of flashback ----------- How on earth had I decided what i was going to do so soon after the 'incident'? I really have no idea.... ______________________________________ A/N: Sorry to end there... I couldn't resist :) What do you think should happen to Scarlett? Should she remain in the area or leave??? Thanks so much for taking the tome to read this stuff.... Love you poppets.... That was the first name that came into my head :) EdenEvangeline
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