Its in the eyes

Louise and Jay were different people but they both loved each other, So When Louise was murdered Jay takes it upon him self to seek revenge


1. young love

Jay and Louise were two people who could not be anymore different. Jay was a alternative kid, he wore skinny jeans and long T-shirts. Louise also wore black jeans with trainers but her personally was so different to Jays its a miracle they even got talking, but some how they managed to make it work. 

Louise was a cute girl, she had long light brown hair that fell to the left side and she was skinny, yet not lanky.  Jay was also quite skinny. He had middle length blond hair and bright blue eyes. Jay was fit, there was no argument about it 

the story of there get together was as weird as there relationship, if not weirder. The sun was out and it was a real nice day. Jay, Louise, Jamie and timothy was sitting around in a circle just chatting about really random stuff, from nowhere a bird scare bomb was thrown on the floor, creating a small but loud explosion. Louise jumped almost 7 feet, landing straight on jays lap. It was then she looked straight into Jays eyes.

"damn you have nice eyes" Louise said randomly. The whole scene was all a bit weird. From there the story just went on and on and eventually Jay was asking Louise out and they was spending every break and lunch together. 

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