Its in the eyes

Louise and Jay were different people but they both loved each other, So When Louise was murdered Jay takes it upon him self to seek revenge


2. the first time

It was one of those lunch times when Louise, being the random person that she was, just said out of the blue 

"wanna' come round tonight" 

"yea sure" Jay replied with a sort of confused tone. He had only been round Louise's twice, but he had enjoyed his time both times. Yet in jays mind he knew something was going to be different. He didn't know if it was going to be good or bad but something was different

The rest of the day went like a blur, And Jays concentration throughout the day was very limited. To the point where he nearly a detention because he forgot to listen to "why plants are green" by "Steve the science guy" on you tube. 

when the day had ended Louise and Jay met each other by the gate of the school and headed for Louise's house, the whole way home Jay was wondering what was going to happen when they got there. He still felt different. Like something good was going to happen tonight but he still had no idea what. They got to Louise's house after around 30 minutes of walking and it was at this point that Jay realized that they was home alone, No that he had time to think about it. Louise had lead Jay straight into her bedroom and sat him down on her bed 

"Your looking pretty good today" Louise said, trying to sound sexy "you ever done it before ?" 

"urrrrm yea.... actually no" He looked really embarrassed now

"Then let me show you how its done" She jumped on top of him, kissing his mouth. She then grabbed his hands and put them on her butt. Jay didn't need anymore encouragement, he started grabbing at it and rubbing it through her tube skirt. Louise stopped kissing him and reeled for a second, removed her shirt and tie and went back to kissing him, This time going to kiss his neck and putting her breast on Jays chest. It was at this point that Jay rolled over and lied her on her back and removed his shirt. This time it was Jay that went to kiss Louise's neck. Jays hands now slipped down to the sides of Louise's skirt and began to pull it down, Louise's hands met Jays and then she pulled down her nickers to. Jay put his hands on Louise's naked butt then removed his own trousers and pants and they was away

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