Its in the eyes

Louise and Jay were different people but they both loved each other, So When Louise was murdered Jay takes it upon him self to seek revenge


3. blood

The whole thing must of lasted around a hour and after they was finished they both just lied in bed for naked

"I need a drink" Louise said after a small amount of time, she hopped out of bed, put some underwear on and left the room, shaking her butt as she went. Jay need the time to realize what had just happened. He thought he enjoyed it but it was a weird sensation. Her shaking her butt a minuted ago was a nice touch though he thought. 

Jay heard Louise banging around making her drink, quite loudly he thought. Suddenly there was a huge bang, a scream and a gun shot, Then there was silence. Jays heart stopped. Then there was more screaming and and Jay heard Louise running up the stairs, but there was also another set of feet climbing the stairs. The bedroom door burst open and Louise dived for the safety of the bed. She was to slow. There was a second gun shot and Louise's corps fell onto the bed, her eyes looking directly at his she said "you still have really nice eyes" and with one last breath fell lifeless, her head with a perfectly circular hole in the back of her head, blood pouring onto the sheets like a gruesome tap. 

A surge of rage overcame Jay, he jumped of the bed and tried to seize the intruders gun arm. The intruder spirited out of the bedroom but was rugby tackled on the landing and both persons fell down the stairs. It was only when they landed He noticed the intruders eyes. They were a distinct Green color, But not just any green, Jay had seen theses eyes before but before he had to time to realizes who's they were there was another gun shot which made Jay jump so much he let the intruder go. The intruder sprinted out the house and down the road, by the time jay had got back to his feet and out the door the intruder had gone. The only person standing outside the house now was Louise's parents.  

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