Power pals 5- Possession

Hope gets scared when John starts acting strange. The team try and find out the problem.


3. Stay Calm

At school on Monday, Hope told Dawn and Kelly everything. After the story, all of their bobbles buzzed, Kay messaged all of them saying: 'Every time you come to my house wear your hero uniform'

All of them typed back 'will do, Sensei.'

Hope looked at her watch and said,  'we've got 3 minutes,  going to go now bye, ' before walking to her RE class. 

At her class, they had a topic of good and evil which changed to a conversation about sociopaths and psychopaths.

Hope remembered her nightmare with John so she took a few deep breaths. It didn't help. Hope asked to leave the room, the teacher agreed and Hope went into the hall. She walked up and down between two doors on the other side of her RE door,  muttering 'it's going to be fine,  it's going to be fine.'

At that second her bobble buzzed and a message from Kay said 'possessions getting worse,  be prepared when coming on Tuesday.

This made Hope think in her head: 'IT'S NOT GOING TO BE FINE.'

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