Power pals 5- Possession

Hope gets scared when John starts acting strange. The team try and find out the problem.


2. No memory

Hope and Kay watched TV together to take their mind off it when John came in with a confused look on his face. As soon as Hope saw John, she made sure Kay was next to her and she didn't take her eye off John.

'Are you okay?' John asked Hope, he saw her terrified face but when he stepped forward to comfort her,  she said, 'stop,  st...op,'

'Are you okay?' John asked again, sitting on the opposite sofa to her. 

'What do you remember?' Hope asked

'One minute Big Bang Theory with you and the case in my hand and another minute you were gone and the case was on the floor,' John said.

'You don't remember?  Hope asked. On one hand, she felt scared for everyone's safety but she also had a slight thought of disbelief. 

'Remember what, 'John asked. 

Hope explained to him what happened and his face changed from. 

Kay looked across the bookshelf,  picked up a huge book on dark magic, put the book on the table and flicked through the pages...

Hope felt so scared and didn't feel safe. 

'We'll go to the hospital tomorrow, and see if it's a medical problem,' Sensei Kay said.


At the hospital, the nurse and doctor said they couldn't explain it so it'll need to be something magical.

So when they went back home Kay kept looking in the dark magic book and finally after hours of searching found the issue.

'Ah ha,' Kay said pointing at a page of Devil possession, 'John was possessed!'

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