Power pals 5- Possession

Hope gets scared when John starts acting strange. The team try and find out the problem.


1. Beginning of a nightmare

The first big band theory disk on the TV ended so Hope looked over to John where the case lay in his hands. 

Hope put her hands on the case to move it from John's hands but before she got a good grasp, John tilted his head slowly to the right.

'My program, my DVD,' John said in a deep, scary voice. One that a villian would use when he wants to destroy you.

'Funny joke,  please pass me the disk,' Hope said.

But it wasn't a joke.

Hope realised that when he didn't pass the disk and kept repeating the line,  'my program,  my DVD.'

Hope's heart was pumping so fast it felt like it was going to explode. 

Quickly Hope took the disk and she threw it on the floor.

John still said the one line as Hope ran out the room. 

Hope was so scared she was almost shaking of fear. The corridor felt further away.  She ran as fast as she could down the long scary stairs and into Kay's arms who was just sitting on the couch, thinking.

'Are you okay?' Kay asked.

He saw tears running down her cheeks. 

'No,  John's acting strange,  he... he was holding the disk that I wanted to look at but he turned his head to the side saying 'my program,  my DVD,' in a creepy way.  I just got so scared I had to come here. ' Hope said quickly, crying.

Hope and Kay hugged and Kay helped Hope with that scary moment. 

Little did they know, that was only the beginning...

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