1. Chapter One

"So, Crimson had any dreams lately?" The guy in the lab coat asked. "I've been dreaming of mirrors" she answered back slowly as she tried to get herself comfy underneath the restraints bound round her chair. "Mirrors you say?" He questioned again. "Yes, they show a true reflection" she replied. "And what do you mean by that?" He pressed on. "Mirrors show a true reflection, the reflection I see is that I'm not insane like you think I am, and you are not smart like you think you are" she leaned back with some difficulty and smirked."She can go back to her room now, she's still crazy" he said as he stood up.


"Maybe if you looked through my eyes you'd see it my way" she added. He paused and looked at her, his eyes pressing her on. "But you can't look through my eyes because your not me, and I can't see this situation through your eyes because I'm no where near as stupid as you" she added sarcastically. "Nonsense again, just take her back to her room" he said walking away, leaving someone else to deal with her.

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