Sometimes love is yellow, other times it's red, and sometimes it makes you feel nothing at all


1. Colours

I was blank

You paint me blue

I saw colours I had never seen with you


I saw yellow when our hands brushed

And purple in purposeful touch

And violet when I woke up next to you

I saw emerald in your eyes and

I was petrified of

The colour of your love seeping through 


I was blank 

You paint me pink 

It feels so right with you I never stop to think 


I saw magenta when you laughed

And pastel in your lips 

And coral when the morning light shone through

I find the emerald in your eyes and 

I am mesmerised of

The colour of your love flowing through


I was blank 

You paint me red

Fire and passion burns your words plaguing my head


I saw navy in an empty bed 

And grey clouds looming overhead 

And blackened eyes with nothing coursing through 

I still see emerald in your eyes but

I am terrified of 

The colour of your love bleeding through 


I was blank 

You paint me black 

Make empty promises you know you can't take back 


I saw midnight when you touched me

And coal when you made love to me

And nothing when I woke up next to you

Still there's emerald in your eyes 

But I don't recognise 

The colour of your love because it's through 


No longer blank 

You went away 

All the colours mixed and I can't revert the change 


I miss the blank

So pure and clean 

And my colour reminds 

How you didn't want me

And it's naive 

But I still pray 

That someone can see past my colours

And forgive me.

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