10 days 1 chance

I have to make an album by 10 days for my career, with the help of my CRUSH! how will it go will i fail?


1. upbeat?

I wake up this morning groggy ,and i feel STILL tired because i stayed up watching 13 reasons why. i throw on my purple treble clef shirt ,and my jogging pants ,tie my ridiculously curly hair up, i put on my clothes and grab my book bag and run out without breakfast. Hai my name is Tiniyah prior and i love to sing,  im a caramel girl and i fu*cking hate school! I walk in school and what do you know i see miles Johnson my high school crush. i look away quickly, then the bell rings. "saved yes." i say then i remember im gonna be late. First up music class the only class i like, i sit down next to a chubby red hair girl. "HEY!" i hear her say,"hey...." i smile back. "so you new?"" yeah i just moved to this class because i hated my last" i say "what was your last" she says. "advance chem" i also say "Damn smarty" the strange girl says. then i turn around when i see the teacher walk in  "today i gonna partner you up and you guys will sing" ms.harper says. "What!" i nearly stand up. "sit down, since you want to be a person of outburst you will be partnered up with miles."nearly the whole class says ohhh. i sit down slowly and cover my face up. soon everyone is partnered up and working. "okay so we will do heart broken" i sing first verse you second and chorus together. " OK first up Tiniyah" ms harper says " what we just got started " i say "then you should be done" i walk up slowly and then i just stare at the class. "soooo, ok" "i feel like i got some pain and i feel like its gonna rain got me in my head and on my bed im not gonna say no names" i sing. miles starts "and weather its not so fly and i feel like im gonna cry cuz you got me feeling so heart bro~ken, then we both start "and the weather its cold outside and im not feeling right,but somedays gonna come and im gonna feel al~right." its quiet in the class,then as if a spell is broken everyone claps and cheers. i smile at miles and hug him. ms. harper comes up and hugs me. "TINIYAH! that was perfect i will let you meet someone ,but next time use a upbeat rhythm next time." "upbeat?" i say

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