Niall Imagine

Niall has never had feelings like this for anyone. Unsure of what to do he turns to Louis not expecting....


1. His thinking.

For the first time my breath was taken away and it was nearly impossible for me to breath. No~one had ever affected me like this before. No girl had eved made my heart race, making me stutter at the thought of even saying something to her. Nothing made sense. To me everything about her was perfect yet she didnt even know me nor i her. I had to tell someone about her, Louis sprang to mind. I had to tell someone about her. I didnt even know her name. To me that almost didn't matter; for all i know she could be a living Angel. So breathtakingly beautiful. Louis and i arranged to meet at his house where we could talk to our hearts content. I was nervous but looking foward to discussing the subject most on my mind. Arriving on time i rang on the bell. Waiting only seconds seeming like hours before there was scrambling behind the door. A name was yelled. "Y/N". I knew not of any one called that but the name but was convinced i had heard it just the day before. The mystery was soon solved. The voice that answered the question that missed my ears was musical and fun, yet caring. The door opened and there in front of me she stood. The most stunning picture. Once again my breath was taken from me. An Angel standing in front of me. A natural blush lining her cheeks, a smile brighter than any jewel completed the radient look.
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