Lord of Serpents

Salazar Slytherin is damned; being a wizard surely cannot be anything else than a curse.
When he is forced to watch his sister die for witchcraft, he swears never to use magic. But someone is coming to the town of Hollows, and Godric Gryffindor is more than just a doomed wizard; he might be the one to save the Slytherin family for good.


2. snakes starts to sing


Every last savior had left town.

This was the word in Hollows; a rumor whispered around the Blackbird’s Cottage, told at the local tavern and breathed among the townsfolks. This was godforsaken land, a place where curses were more than just stories. And no one were cursed like the Slytherin family.

Sometimes, Salazar Slytherin wondered whether life had cursed him or he had cursed life. Surely, there was a curse, but who was the damned? Either way, someone would have to suffer.

He had one hand on the dirty brick wall, the other held to his chest. One thing Salazar needed, was to make sure he was alive. Curses had that effect on people; they started to wonder when Death would come for them. In Hollows, Death came often. To be assured that his heart was beating had become a habit of his. Now this, and the jump from the Church’s bell tower, had become the only way for him to feel alive. With a breath ready for the dive into the ocean, Salazar took a step over the ledge.

Falling was something he liked, it felt familiar. The swish in his gut and the fear that broke his mind, were everything he needed to stop himself from going insane. Being scared of something like falling, was easier than fearing what was inside of him. It was easier than being scared of his father.

He hit the water like a stone.

Water surrounded him, dragging him under and pulling in him from every side, making sure that he felt the terror. Every time he took the jump, he was sure that Death had arrived. And every time, when he finally broke the surface, he felt disappointed.

Air and water fought each other when he took in a deep breath. The water wanted down his lungs, but the air won. He could breathe and he could swim for shore. With quick and swift movements, he could pull himself up on the rocks, and look up at the bell tower far above him. A silhouette stood by the ledge, glaring down at him. Though blurry, he could recognize his sister anywhere.

Salazar found his way up the hillside with slow steps. Water dripped from his dark hair and cold clothes, before he stood shaking in front of Saskia. She held her head high, the long, white curls waving in the wind like a dragon’s tale. Her eyes were golden, the only color covering her. She was named the Ghost by the townsfolk, just as cursed as her brother.

“By God,” she sighed. “Why?”

He shrugged, not only to avoid the question, but because of the quivers running through his body. The Scottish wind was cold and harsh, another thing to make him feel like one of the living. Saskia didn’t like his obsession with death, and her eyes told him everything.

When she had awaited his answer too long, she finally realized he wouldn’t give one. Instead, she handed him a cloak and his boots. Though she claimed not to understand him, Salazar could tell she knew more about his feelings than she showed.

“Thank you,” he said, wrapping himself in the rough fabric. It was Saskia’s turn to shrug. Her light eyebrows were in the air, as if she challenged him. Who would make it back to the Cottage alive? In Hollows, you could never tell.

“Come Brother,” she whispered under the wind. “We have a long way.”

Salazar nodded. The church laid four miles their home, Blackbird’s Cottage was all the way on the other side of town. It was a long walk with wet clothes, but nothing he hadn’t done a thousand times. So he followed in Saskia’s footsteps, as they made a path through the fields around the church.


◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦


Blackbird’s Cottage was an estate with barn and well, everything there belonged to a wealthy family. But it was the curse that had given them everything and taken its payment. The Slytherin Family may be rich, the cost was their souls.

The estate usually looked abandoned, no one neared a damned house, but an exceptions was snakes and tax collectors. Right now, both were in the Blackbird yard .

Salazar stopped, his boots made the gravel dust. The man in the yard was tall and dressed in a suit worthy of a king. He had a stallion by his side and a companion with sword and bow. Clearly, the expected a fight. But Salazar wouldn’t fear the Slytherin family, he would be terrified of the snake.

The tax collector hadn’t seen the creature, a long, scaled animal slowly rising from the dirt in the yard. It would attack, and it would go for murder. Salazar could hear its words.

Kill, kill, kill,” the snake whispered from its tongue. It was desperate, nothing was more dangerous than a cornered animal. Salazar knew its specie, he knew the poison in its teeth, and he acted without thinking.

“Stop it, we won’t harm you,” he hissed. It sounded like words, but he knew better. Saskia had told him how the sounds were nothing like words, and judging by the men’s expression, they heard every hiss. But the snake hesitated. It turned to him, head cocked like it wondered whether he could be trusted or not. A second later, the soldier had cut its head off.

Salazar stiffened, staring at the dead snake. He suddenly wished that he had let it murder the men with its deadly spat. The tax collector glared at them with goggled eyes.

The Blackbird Cottage was a closed yard. The soldier kicked his horse, making it set off in gallop, leaving behind the other man, screaming for him to wait. Saskia grabbed Salazar’s hand, she pulled him for the house, as a door opened in the mansion. Bellamy Slytherin already had his wand raised before the door swung up, his mouth had already formed the curse, and the tax collector fell down, dead before he hit the ground.

“The rider,” Saskia shouted, dragging him for their father. Bellamy halted down the stairs, glaring after the soldier. The man was tall, and his dark eyes misted with white. His blindness would make it impossible for him to hit the rider with a the curse.

Salazar felt sick to his stomach. The soldier would no doubt ride to town and tell of the boy who spoke with snakes. Hollows already believed that monsters and ghosts belonged to the Slytherin family, they wouldn’t accept this. Having magic in Hollows was more dangerous than anything.

“Pack your things,” Bellamy muttered. “We are leaving.”

He met Saskia’s eyes, she didn’t look afraid, but she had always been able to hide her emotions. But Salazar could tell that she was thinking the same as him; Blackbird’s Cottage was all they had. Muggles had already taken so much from them, their Mother and Father and their first home, why should they take yet another thing?

“Now!” Bellamy commanded. Saskia followed him inside, and left Salazar alone with the snake’s dead body. Soon, someone would end up just as dead as the animal, he was sure of it.

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