Her eyes eternal

Augusta hates Tristan, the new boy in her School.. he is full of himself, all the girls faun over him and on top of being handsome he is smart. Also he seems to old to be her age..
They have a couple of clashes, Augusta getting more and more annoyed with Tristan, he on the other hand seems Hell-bend on having her..
But one day she hears that Tristan is in big trouble, trouble that could kill him. Does she safe him even though she hates him ?
And what is Tristan's story ?

Entered in the monster story Marathon competition.. 2 categories

Write a monster story that's really a love story.

Create a cover/fanart/trailer inspired by monsters.


8. Interview with the vampire

 I am sitting on a chair watching Zac. He is laying in the bed in our guest room, sleeping soundly. Or Well he seems to be sleeping, I actually don't know if vampires sleep. Anyways he has been completely gone since we got here last night.

 Saying that I am confused by my own actions would be putting it lightly. I mean I hate him, I wanted to tell Mia about him and I had been so certain that I was going to keep my distance. And I seemed to keep doing the opposite, not really knowing why.

He actually looked innocent as he was laying there, so vulnerable and I feel an urge to protect him, which is crazy, I mean he is the thing people needs protection from.

 My head hurts quite badly, my eyes are itchy and my mouth and throat feels raw and dry. I try collecting my thoughts.. what had happened ? Oh yeah Augusta had accused me outside school and I had fled home to pack, but they had already been there, and had injected me.. the next thing I remember is waking up in a burning barn, Augusta slapping my face and yelling at me to get out.

 I sit up looking confused around, trying to find out where I am. There is a soft hand on my shoulder and Augusta’s voice. “Wow, slowly there”.

 Looking up at her I know I must look lost. “Where am I ? What happened yesterday ? And why did you save me ?”

 “You are in my house or well my father's house, but he is away on a business trip. I don’t know what happened beside them trying to lock you in a barn and burn you. But honestly don't you think you owe me an explanation ?” She sits down on a chair, looking at me.

 I sigh, I guess she is right.. I mean she clearly saved my life so I guess she deserves the truth. I got a feeling she isn’t going to try and hurt me”. “What do you want to know ?”

 “It all I guess, from the beginning. Are you an actual freakin vampire ? How old are you ? Why did they want to burn you ? And aren’t you like super strong ? How could they overdoser you ?” She rambles questions out.

 I can’t help smiling. “That was a lot of questions, but okay, I try starting from the beginning. I am 23 years old, but I have been that since 1854, I was born in America in 1831 by welch immigrants”.

 I might be staring at him kind of open mouthed, it is a hard thing to wrap my mind about him actually being 187 years old. He chuckles lowly. “Yeah I know, I look damn good for my age”.

 I roll my eyes at him and he continue. “And for Your other question, yes I really am a vampire. Why they Tried to burn me ? Well it happens to be the best Way to kill a vampire”.

 “But you are not killing people are you ? Then why would they want to kill you ?” Admittedly my first thought had been that he was a monster, but no one had died mysteriously or disappeared while he had lived here, so I am guessing he isn’t doing any permanent damage to people.

 He shakes his head. “A lot of people don't care, to them I am still a monster, and who knows, they might be right. The reverend and his followers definitely don't Care, to them I am the spawn of the devil and I need to be eliminated”.

 I don’t know what to say, I Can see the pain in his eyes, hear it in his voice. “But vampires are like really fast and strong right ? How did they get you like that ? I mean I almost couldn’t wake you”.

 “Not in daylight.. contrary to popular believe we Can be outside in the sun, it just takes some getting used to. But it drains us, the more sun we get, the weaker we get. I had my mind occupied and let them surprise me. They sedated me with alcohol”. His hand goes to his neck.

 “Alcohol ?” I might sound confused. I mean I had figured out that he didn’t burn to ashes in the sun. That it made him weaker actually made sense in my mind, but alcohol and vampires was a new concept to me.

  He sigh. “Yeah, we are very vulnerable to alcohol, if I drink blood from someone who had alcohol, it feels like I am drunk. Is the person very drunk or if I drink alcohol, Well it is very unpleasant. They injected me with pure alcohol, it literally knocked me out”.

 “What about all the other things ? Garlic, crosses, Holy water, a wooden stake to the heart ? Does those thing harm you ?” I am curious, I mean I have seen my fair share of vampire movies.

 His low laugh is a beautiful sound. “Maybe I shouldn’t tell you all my weaknesses, but I trust you not to use it against me. Garlic.. Well it goes well with italian food, and by the way, yes I can eat food, but I don't need to. Crosses, Holy water and other religious things.. nope only if the vampire believes it to work. A wooden stake.. hmm never tried, but wood hurts much more than any other material, so I Think that would do it”.

 Getting up from the bed slowly, he looks at me. “Would it be okay for me to take a shower before we continue this ?”

 “Sure, of course. I am sorry if I ask to many questions”. I feel bad about being so curious and I hurry over to open the bathroom door. “It’s right in here, there are towels in the cabinet”.

 He stops in front of me, taking my chin between his thumb and forefinger, looking deeply into my eyes. “It is totally okay and understandable, I just feel really dirty and I smell like a bonfire. After a shower I am happy to answer whatever questions you might have left”.



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